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Beiren launched br754 big four open printing machine

recently, the second printing machinery factory of beiren group company grandly promoted the br754 four open four-color lithography printing machine, which is the latest big four open format multi-color offset printing machine developed by beiren group company based on years of printing machine manufacturing experience, and it is also a product in line with today's trend and with international advanced level

br754 four-way four-color lithographic printing machine has a high degree of automation. It adopts PLC control, touch screen operation, and has an automatic lubrication system, continuous alcohol wetting system, and pneumatic clutch system. It can realize high-speed printing of 13000 sheets per hour. The maximum printing paper is 750 520mm, and the paper thickness is 0.04 ~ 0.5mm, which is very suitable for printing domestic paper. Br754 four open four-color lithographic printing machine is designed to be people-oriented. It realizes automatic layout adjustment and water volume adjustment through the touch screen, which greatly saves operation and adjustment time

br754 four open four-color lithographic printing machine is suitable for printing all kinds of samples, pictorials, posters, pictures, covers and other high-end color prints, especially for packaging and printing

first, the structural features realize the full clearing of 140 million tons of "ground bar steel"

1. The touch screen

sets the man-machine dialogue interface, which is controlled by PLC and operated and displayed by the touch screen. Through the touch screen, the printing plate, water volume, oil pump oil supply interval and paper lifting volume of the paper feeding table can be adjusted remotely. At the same time, the status and fault display are also carried out to provide convenience for operators

2. Remote control adjustment of the printing plate

the printing plate can be fine tuned in the circumferential direction, axial direction and skew through the touch screen. The accuracy is 0.01mm, the circumferential adjustment range is 1mm, the axial adjustment range is 2mm, and the skew adjustment range is 0.2mm

3. Pneumatic clutch pressure

pneumatic clutch pressure realizes the stable clutch of the machine during high-speed operation, and the operation is safe and convenient

4. Alcohol wetting

continuous alcohol wetting system, with fast ink balance, bright ink color and clear dots

ink and water combined printing can be realized through the bridge roller

5. Roller arrangement

double radial pressure continuously enhances the comprehensive strength and sustainable development ability of the enterprise. Printing and paper transfer roller, high point tooth closing mechanism

the unit type rollers are arranged, and the curvature radius of the rollers is large, which reduces the paper deformation and printing noise, the number of paper handover is small, the overprint is accurate, and the dirt and ink bars are reduced

6. Automatic lubrication

the fixed-point, quantitative and timed centralized automatic lubrication system is adopted

when there is no oil or insufficient oil pressure in the oil pump, it will automatically alarm, with good reliability and low lubrication cost

7. Stable transmission

high precision gears and bearings are used, so the machine has high transmission accuracy and stable operation

8. Semi automatic plate loading device

semi automatic plate loading device has high installation accuracy and shortens the time of printing and plate installation

9. Roller shoulder iron

roller shoulder iron, the roller runs smoothly, eliminates vibration, overcomes ink bars, and thus obtains good printing effect and dot reproduction

safety bars are set between rollers, rollers and ink rollers to ensure the safety of operators and the machine itself

10. Ultrasonic anti double sheet detector

effectively prevents the damage of double sheets to the machine

II Technical parameters

maximum paper size (mm) 750 520

minimum paper size (mm) 285 210

maximum printing area (mm) 720 510

paper thickness (mm) 0.04 ~ 0.5

printing plate size (mm) 730570 0.3

printing speed (sheets/hour) 3000 ~ 13000

paper receiving stack height (mm) 900 (450kg)

paper feeding stack height (mm) 800 (400kg)

paper feeding method continuous paper feeding method

ink roller 19

wetting method alcohol wetting

power (kw) 27

main motor power (kw) 18.5

total weight (kg) 20000

overall size (L B H, mm) 66702950 1950

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