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Northwest rubber and plastic Institute urgently produced supporting new silicone masks

release date: Source: Shaanxi Petrochemical

on March 26, northwest rubber and plastic research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. urgently produced the fourth batch of 180000 new silicone protective masks, which were loaded and sent to Beijing. So far, the production task of two models of new silicone masks with a total of nearly 600000 pieces undertaken by the hospital has been completed, which has been highly appreciated by the organizer

on February 19, when the epidemic prevention and control was struggling, the northwest hospital received the urgent task of producing the new silicone protective mask body arranged by the superior unit Haohua company of China chemical industry group, and immediately invested in the production organization at all costs of human, material and financial resources

this new type of silicone protective mask uses high-specification medical grade silicone, and the mask is an important part of the mask. The complete protective mask can be washed and cooked at high temperature for repeated use, which not only does not cause skin allergy, but also reduces the pressure on the face of the mask, and its filtering performance is equivalent to that of N95 mask, with a filtering efficiency of more than 98%, which plays a key role in epidemic prevention and control

for the Northwest Hospital, the production of silicone mask body is a new field, and everything needs to start from scratch. Northwest Institute gives full play to its scientific and technological advantages in specializing in the R & D and production of rubber sealing products, special rubber products and rubber special materials, and takes the production of mask body as an important task. Led by the Department of scientific and technological development, it quickly establishes a project, which lays a solid foundation for the further improvement of the company's technology. It implements the division of labor, establishes a production line, and rapidly promotes personnel, technical processes, mold processing Power distribution and other production preparations

at 8:00 p.m. on March 1, the first batch of 8 sets of S-shaped molds were transported from Zhejiang, and the machinery branch of Northwest Institute organized personnel to install and test the molds overnight. It takes only one day from the time of mold installation to the time of trial mold to feel familiar with the operation. For the two process and technical problems found in the second stage vulcanization, the project team of Northwest Institute timely negotiated and solved them. On the morning of the third day, the mask body officially began mass production, and the first batch of 3000 semi transparent mask bodies, including greater design freedom, light weight, reduced product development cycle and so on, came off the production line. On March 9, crpcroup, the second model M cover 3D printing company, announced that the production line was also successfully put into production. Since then, the two production lines have been running at full power and going hand in hand. The production has been in full swing for more than half a month, and the daily output reached 40000 pieces at the highest

during this period, while reminding everyone to do a good job in safety protection and care about the health of employees, the leaders of Northwest Institute always paid attention to the progress of work, went to the site for guidance for many times, and put forward process improvement measures. The project tackling team integrates resources such as processing plant, R & D center, polyurethane branch and material delivery department, and the production and technical leaders follow the shift late into the night to strictly control the product process performance, and redeploy elite soldiers from the Department to put them into the production of masks. Department leaders set an example and sometimes go home after 1 a.m. The staff worked hard day and night and worked overtime. Everyone was united and wanted to contribute to the society during the epidemic

24 employees in vulcanization positions are the front-line warriors in this "war". They forget to eat and sleep and take turns on three shifts. Dinner, eat on site, tired, take a break to continue working, and other colleagues also do a good job of considerate service. The output has increased, but there are insufficient manpower for subsequent inspection, trimming, secondary vulcanization and packaging. What should we do? The hospital transferred 15 party members and cadres from the functional management department for support, and other production departments also urgently reinforced 8 employees to jointly form a commando team to participate in the production of masks

in the production of this urgent task, the Northwest Institute adhered to the idea of "a game of chess", determined the best plan, coordinated the best resources, formed the strongest team, improved productivity efficiency, stabilized product quality, led by Party members and cadres, and the project team was brave to fulfill its mission, and completed the task with good quality and quantity in accordance with the overall plan, highlighting that the sol gel method of central enterprises uses sol as raw material

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