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Beiren products won the bid in one fell swoop in Ethiopia's international bidding

recently, in the international bidding held by the Asian government for the purchase of printing equipment for 13 universities in Ethiopia and Russia, beiren's paper cutting machines and small offset printing machines not only passed several rounds of inspection on technology, service and price, but also defeated those from Europe Many competitors from Japan and India won the bid at one stroke

Ethiopia's government procurement has many bidding links and strict inspection, and several rounds of screening are carried out for the exports of developed countries, including the melting stage of screw injection molding machine, the moving path of runner and the technology, service and price of equipment in mold pouring system. In addition, the local sales and service records of the equipment should be evaluated. Since beiren products entered Ethiopia, they have been highly praised for their excellent technology and considerate service. Beiren's 13 paper cutting machines and 13 small offset printing machines, which won the bid this time, will play a role in spreading culture and developing education in universities across the country

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