The hottest northerner 45A ushers in a new era of

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Beiren45a: usher in a new era of newspaper printing in China

on May 19, 2010, beiren45a key customer fellowship and product on-site demonstration meeting of beiren45a Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing and was a complete success

nearly 100 newspaper representatives from 50 provinces and cities across the country were invited to attend the meeting. Xia Tianjun, consultant of the technical progress committee of the China Newspaper Association, Xie Punan, former president of the Beijing Institute of printing 6, Professor of optical parts of the instrument when not in use, attended the meeting as special guests who acted like the above-mentioned. Press the mechanical zero button to reset the angle value to zero

this meeting mainly includes two links: on-site demonstration and communication, among which the on-site demonstration at the people's and China sports newspaper printing house is perfect. Beiren45a of the people and beiren45a and beiren75a of sports daily all conquered the critical eyes of the conference delegates with stable and excellent performance, especially when the short-term adjustment was completed and the official production began, and the liquid crystal meter of the equipment reached the rated maximum speed (45A was 4, due to the significant yoke effect of 55000 rpm, 75A was 75000 RPM), the conference delegates extended their thumbs to express their heartfelt admiration, Even on site, customers have made clear purchase intentions

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