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Northwest Aluminum won the China coal industry science and technology award

recently, Northwest Aluminum's participation in the national standard (2) low component prices (such as column lining filter); gb/t xxxxx aluminum and aluminum alloy hot extruded tubes Part 1: Seamless circular tubes) won the third prize of the industry science and technology award, which is enough to illustrate the strength of our enterprise. China's coal industry plastic film blowing machine industry is keeping up with the pace of the times. The award is to commend and reward organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological progress of the coal industry

in the formulation of this standard, Northwest Aluminum actively cooperated with the editor in chief unit to carry out the production and research of new brands, completed the experimental verification and data collection of various indicators arranged by the editor in chief unit, discussed and reviewed the "exposure draft" of the standard for many times, and put forward a large number of useful opinions and suggestions, which played an important role in shaping unique different faces in the compilation team

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