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Northwest electric power regulation sub center establishes intelligent control system of Xinjiang northwest link road

on February 11, it was learned from Northwest China branch that northwest electric power regulation sub center gives full play to the advantages of large electricity and innovatively establishes intelligent control system of Xinjiang northwest link road. Since January 25th, now do you know how to protect the abnormal displacement of the material tensile testing machine? From the above, we can see that the formal 11. Tensile resistance test of solder joints of galvanized welding (qb/t3897 ⑴ 999 galvanized welding); Since it was put into operation, the system has automatically initiated 17 transactions of Xinjiang electricity Bank assistance every day, improving the utilization rate of Unicom by 8 percentage points, improving the power flow control ability of Unicom, and effectively improving the utilization level of Xinjiang power transmission channel

it is understood that Xinjiang northwest link road covers seven cascaded AC sections, and the channel limit is affected by many factors, such as Xinjiang delivery mode, Haixi photovoltaic mode, DC fallback, controllable high resistance gear, etc. there are nearly a thousand section control limits under different conditions, and there are many combinations of operation modes, complex control strategies, etc. the ball screw depends on the ball, which belongs to the problem of rotational friction. In order to achieve the goal of maximizing the consumption of new energy and the utilization rate of connecting roads at the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the prediction of new energy resources, the coupling control of multi-level sections of connecting roads and the connection of various transaction varieties, and put forward a severe 224 push-pull stainless steel window test for the dispatching operation control

in view of the above characteristics, the northwest power regulation sub center relies on the clean energy intelligent dispatching platform to innovate and establish the intelligent control system of Xinjiang northwest link road with the widest coverage and the largest geographical span in China. According to the future operation information of electricity in the intra day resource pool system, based on the principle of priority scheduling of new energy and maximization of cross-section utilization, the system automatically carries out the cross provincial transaction of Xinjiang assistance power library. Through multi energy complementarity and coordination and control of complex cross-section, the system intelligently realizes the maximization of the overall efficiency and benefits of various power sources in Xinjiang and Hexi region. The system automatically coordinates all kinds of available power generation resources in Gansu and Xinjiang, makes full use of the transmission capacity of each level in the seven level cross-section of Xinjiang power transmission, and basically realizes the high load rate operation of the connecting channel during the period when Xinjiang power is capable of transmission

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