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Northwest oil field: UAV for patrol inspection and precise navigation

on February 21, the line patrol personnel such as Xu lichen and Wang Xingchao of wakesha comprehensive class of Hydropower Management Department of northwest oil field affairs center found that the rod 092 of 35 kV Jiuxi line of Tahe oil field was loose when patrolling with UAV, Professor Cheng said, "we carefully controlled the geometry of graphene aerogel and tightened it to ensure electrical operation.

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"If hidden dangers are not found in time, the screws on the pole foundation line are loose, causing the insulator to fall, causing the line to trip, which will affect the power supply of more than 60 wells, such as dk19 well and dk20 well, strengthening the cultivation of high-tech enterprises and patent application, as well as the West Daria substation, gathering and transmission station, water injection station, and the oil production management zone 2 of the first oil production plant of Tahe oilfield." Wang Xingchao, a patrol inspector, said

"since the UAV patrol, 71 potential safety hazards have been found in the 35kV North 11 line, 35kV Cable 91 line and 35kV Yueshen line of Tahe oilfield. The hidden danger elimination rate has reached 100%. The center has introduced unmanned patrol, mainly to patrol the 110kV and 35kV towers, line channels and water conditions within the jurisdiction of the center." Xulichen, a patrol inspector, said

"in view of some hidden dangers that cannot be observed closely due to live labor, drones are used for line patrol. Last year, drones were used for patrol inspection for more than 44 times, and 21 hidden dangers such as loose screws of live fittings and wasps' nests were found, which were eliminated by maintenance. The rectification rate of hidden dangers reached 100%, avoiding serious consequences such as pollution flashover, electrical equipment damage, power failure caused by tower collapse and insulator rupture." Monitor Di Duoqing said

it is understood that Tahe oilfield power has 3117 kilometers of 10 kV lines, 438 kilometers of 35 kV lines and 227 kilometers of 110 kV lines. According to the requirements, 10 kV lines need to be inspected once a quarter, 35 kV and 110 kV lines need to be inspected once a week, and the total length of inspection throughout the year is 47048 kilometers. Due to the wide dispersion of lines and complex regions, it is difficult to conduct manual inspection, and it is impossible to observe the status of pole and tower fittings at a close distance, so hidden problems such as the yield strength and tensile strength of steel can not be found in time. UAV patrol inspection can find some hidden dangers that cannot be observed in close range due to the charged equipment. The line patrol personnel in the power supply room of the Hydropower Management Department of the center have used UAVs for line patrol inspection and inspection of flooded areas, farmland and Populus euphratica forests for many times, which not only effectively reduces the work risk of line patrol personnel, but also provides accurate information and decision-making for the safe operation of the line and emergency treatment

digital quantitative man-machine inspection without direct reading, as a new inspection technology that uses visible light and other inspection equipment to inspect the transmission line, has the advantages of fast and fast, high work efficiency, no regional influence, high inspection quality and high safety

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