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Northwest Chemical seeks new growth points and gets involved in the wind power coating industry

Northwest Chemical recently officially released its 2010 annual report. The annual report shows that in 2010, the company achieved earnings per share of 0.0404 yuan and net profit of 7.6412 million yuan, a decrease of 33.25% compared with the same period last year

there are reasons for the rise in operating revenue and the decline in net profit. Plastic materials have been thoroughly handled by many old brands.

it is recorded that the utilization ratio of degradable green packaging materials will reach 50% in 2020. Looking through the 2010 annual report of Northwest chemical industry, it is found that the company achieved operating revenue of 289 million yuan last year, compared with 239 million yuan in 2009, and the operating revenue has increased significantly to a certain extent. But what causes the embarrassing situation that the company's operating income rises and its net profit declines? Interviewed yuan Qinhui, Secretary of the board of directors of Northwest Chemical

dongmiyuan Qinhui of the company said that the sharp rise in crude oil prices in the international market last year and the changes in supply and demand in the domestic market were the main reasons for the decline in the company's net profit

underperforming major shareholders' reduction of holdings

it was noted that under the background of the decline in the net profit of Northwest Chemical, the reduction of holdings by major shareholders of the company did not stop last year

the annual report of Northwest Chemical shows that northwest paint factory, the major shareholder of the company, reduced its shareholding in the company through centralized bidding trading from November 17, 2009 to March 22, 2010, accounting for 0.98% of the total share capital of the company; On March 23, 2010, the company reduced its shares through block trading, accounting for 3.7% of the total share capital of the company

get involved in wind power to find new growth points

facing the decline of net profit and the reduction of major shareholders, the future prospect of Northwest Chemical seems worrying. However, an announcement issued by the company's hardware, which will enter the flight soon last year, has attracted attention

on May 19 last year, Northwest Chemical announced that the company signed a cooperation agreement with the national wind power engineering technology research center to establish a coating protection laboratory of the national wind power engineering technology center based on the personnel, facilities and technology of the company's existing technology research and development institutions, and officially inaugurated. Wind power, as a key industry in the national "12th Five Year Plan", has a bright future. The nuclear power worries caused by the recent strong earthquake in Japan have made the development of wind power industry more prominent

Dong Miyuan Qinhui told, "the purpose of Northwest chemical industry to establish the coating and coating protection laboratory of the national wind power engineering technology research center is to find new profit growth points and better adapt to the industrial development direction of the national 12th Five Year Plan. In the future, the domestic wind power coating market and sand control field will be the new growth points of Northwest chemical industry."

investment rating is cautiously recommended

"at present, the prosperity of the domestic coating industry is still relatively high, the company's comprehensive technical force has certain regional advantages, and the convenient transportation with upstream enterprises also ensures the orderly production; the company is located in the west, has policy advantages, and can enjoy the preferential tax policies for the western development, which has created certain conditions for the development of the company." The researcher of CSC said that it is particularly noteworthy that the main business of gonggaxue, the old plant of the company, is the research and development, production and sales of heavy calcium carbonate powder, and the land is used for commercial development and entry into emerging industries, which will bring new profit growth points to the company. Therefore, we give Northwest Chemical a "cautious recommendation" investment rating

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