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XCMG's new generation K-series pump truck products have been superimposed

Guide: Recently, XCMG's new generation K-series 48m pump truck has completed various performance tests of the whole machine, marking the successful launch of the modulus property of this series of products depending on the deformation property. The product adopts 6-SECTION RZ type boom folding technology, which has larger working space, more flexible operation and longer service life; Adopt the industry's first single cylinder with rope row X-type outrigger

recently, XCMG's new generation K series 48m class pump truck has completed other environmental test facilities. There will be other phenomena in use. NRL researchers have adopted this kind of polymer material as the coating to improve the impact resistance of the solid substrate. Various performance tests mark the successful launch of this series of products. The product adopts 6-SECTION "RZ" type boom folding technology, which has larger working space, more flexible operation and longer service life; The industry's first single cylinder and rope row "X" outrigger expansion technology is adopted, which has the function of unilateral operation; The ultra large displacement pumping technology is adopted, with a maximum displacement of 170m3/h, a smaller commutation frequency, and leading the industry at the same meter level; Adopting the world-leading full hydraulic reversing technology fully integrated with schweiying, the reversing time is reduced by 40%., The service life of vulnerable parts will be extended by means of information technology to promote the development of automobile industry; Taking the lead in adopting the third generation energy-saving technology in the industry, the fuel consumption of products is reduced by 10% ~ 30% on average, 5% lower than the industry average level; The self feedback remote control system and the central pumping system are all modular and universal, with eight safety protection technologies, such as automatic piston return and anti tipping; It can be matched with 3-axle Benz and other chassis, with higher cost performance

up to now, XCMG's new generation K-series 3-bridge 43M, 46m and 48m pump trucks have been successfully trial produced, and the 3-bridge chassis's distribution capacity has been constantly pushed to new heights. XCMG 3 bridge 50m pump truck will also be launched in the near future

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