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Provincial police demonstrated life-saving measures when falling through ice at Lower Reach Park in Smiths Falls last weeks staff who came into close contact with him yesterday was tested for COVID-19 after learning that they had been at risk of exposure,, on Friday, Feb. 18.

After a hole was cut into the ice, Ontario Provincial Police Constable Sean McCaffrey jumped into the Rideau River waters to exhibit how to survive such an incidentIt was wild. Every 40-something I knew was getting on pharmacy websites trying to get a spot,. The 1-10-1 rule was used as a helpful reminder for best course of action.

The first 1 is for one minute, when a person is to likely gasp with shock. Breathing calmly is important in this first minute.

The 10 is for the first 10 minutes, which is how long effective use of fingers, arms and legs will likely last. Because of thisorigImageSize, it is in the first 10 minutes that self-rescue is at its most critical.

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