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Huawei glory magicbook Pro 2020 vs 2019, which is better? What's the difference

glory magicbook Pro 2020 has upgraded configuration compared with 2019. It is equipped with the latest mx350 independent graphics card, which has higher performance. The four narrow borders and three metal sides bring good appearance texture, and the thickness and weight control of the fuselage is just right. In 2020, the large screen and thin market still have strong competitiveness. After adding fn+p performance mode adjustment, the default mode is quieter, High energy mode performance release has not lost Xiaoxin 15

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glory magicbook Pro 2020

I. glory magicbook Pro 2020 JD event price:

JD price: ¥ 5999.00

JD event quotation link: (2) determine the yield limit of low carbon steel σ S and strength limit of cast iron σ B/ml

glory magicbook Pro 2020

II. Configuration parameters of glory magicbook Pro 2020:

Product Name: Huawei glory magicbook Pro

glory magicbook Pro 2020

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III. experimental results of glory magicbook Pro 2020 user comments:

finally start this ultra-thin performance book, Core i5 16g memory 512 solid state drive

running speed: there is no problem playing games whether it is turning on or running software

screen effect: the large screen of 16.1 looks comfortable, and the color of 100% color gamut is very good

appearance: ultra thin metal texture is super good, and the weight of the body is also very moderate. Take him on business trips and offices

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