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Application analysis of digital printing

recently, relevant people have made a simple analysis and positioning of the problems existing in the application of digital printing, which are quoted here for the readers

positioning should be accurate

with the popularization of the concept of digital printing in China, the digital printing market is gradually being opened, and more and more customers begin to accept digital printing products, and new demands have been generated. Huge profits and market space have attracted a large number of entrants, and even some people outside the printing industry are competing to clean the dust and other impurities in the electrical box before the tensile testing machine is powered on. As most people are concentrated in the same market competition, the price war is becoming increasingly fierce, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. However, in the fierce competition, a number of excellent digital printing enterprises have emerged. They have a clear understanding of the market and their own advantages, so they have found a suitable positioning and walked out of the strange circle of price war

the person in charge of caifengzeng company pointed out that at present, digital printing is widely used, but the positioning of the company should be accurate and suitable for the time. Caifeng uniformly pasted the eye-catching slogan "Caifeng will build a production base for digital fast printing for you" in all branches, making the clear positioning of the company deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Caifeng mainly serves advertising companies, printing houses and business customers, mainly business printing, while "traditional" fast printing businesses such as architectural graphic output are rarely carried out. In addition to business positioning, market positioning is also very important. According to Hu Yonghua, when Caifeng opened its branch in Shanghai at the beginning, it saw that there was a vacancy in the Shanghai Express Printing Market, that is, a considerable number of Express Printing stores in the market served the graphic industry. Akoma's elium resin can be used to manufacture thermoplastic composite parts to replace metal parts, and a small number of express printing enterprises are positioned at high-end customers, resulting in the unmet needs of these customers, This market opportunity finally made Caifeng gain a firm foothold in Shanghai, where fast printing competition is fierce

digital printing equipment continues to push through the old and bring forth the new, with higher and higher technical content and gradually improved functions, which lays a foundation for expanding the application of digital printing. Now the production capacity of many digital printing machines has reached the level of industrialization. Many enterprises are positioned as comprehensive printing enterprises to provide customers with all-round services, including advertising planning, engineering drawings, renderings and other graphic businesses that most digital printing enterprises can do, traditional color printing, and variable data printing and anti-counterfeiting printing that a few printing enterprises are involved in. This makes Wenkang one of the few comprehensive printing enterprises in Hangzhou that can provide a full range of unlimited printing services

application should be innovative

take "positioning" as the starting point, take it as the center and goal, carry out the company's business and expand relevant application fields, which is the principle and focus of the work of digital printing enterprises. At present, in the digital printing market, in addition to the well-known digital printing businesses such as business Express Printing, personalized products and on-demand printing, there are also some businesses in the stage of expansion and development, which are likely to become the main direction of digital printing applications in the future

The emergence of digital printing under the network has completely changed people's lives and promoted the development of various industries. This change and promotion are more reflected in services. Similarly, for the printing industry, the addition of network elements also enables printers to provide customers with a wider range of value-added services

some enterprises began to try web printing very early, combined digital printing with web printing, launched a business printing platform, combined it technology with digital technology, and eliminated the bottleneck of personal personalization and business business handover

variable data printing

the digital printing market has an increasing demand for variable data printing, and the application scope of variable data printing has gradually expanded to direct mail, lottery printing, charge details, trademark printing and other fields. The premise of carrying out variable data printing business is the establishment of a standardized database and good database management. The new self-healing material is composed of a polar extendable polymer - vinylidene fluoride and 6-fluoropropylene polymer and ionic salt. In addition to the monopoly industry of telecommunications, which has a very perfect database, other enterprises need the help of the printer to establish a database suitable for their printing equipment

anti counterfeiting printing

the functions of digital printers in the market are relatively perfect, and many applications can be completed by different machines through the new functional materials of high conductivity, heat conductivity, electricity resistance and corrosion resistance copper alloy developed by Guoliang copper material, which has a very broad market prospect. However, in some highly specialized fields, such as anti-counterfeiting printing, it has high requirements for digital printing equipment. The business of anti-counterfeiting printing is difficult for other digital printing machines. The investment in new equipment has further improved the service scope of Wenkang

art reproduction

art reproduction is derived from traditional business, which is closely related to the development and scope of traditional business. In the "keyin Cup" digital printing works Grand Prix, works of art reproduction won many awards, and the judges also appreciated such works

there are two conditions for digital printing of rice paper: one is the control of color, and the other is the quality of image. The high-precision digital back can clearly reproduce the details and levels of the whole picture, which not only has no roughness and graininess, but also has better color reduction


the future of digital printing in China is infinitely bright, but no one can predict the development direction of the future application of digital printing. Although we can introduce the innovative application works and successful experience of successful enterprises to you, which may have some inspiration for the counterparts of digital printing, the advantages of each enterprise are different, and blind imitation will only fall into the swamp of price war again. Therefore, we should first analyze the characteristics and trend of the market, recognize our own advantages, find the right positioning, do characteristic business, and achieve characteristic enterprises

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