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Huawei firewall was nominated for the scmagazine European Award

ctiforum news on April 8 (Li Wenjie): Huawei usg/eudemon series firewalls were shortlisted for the 2016sc magazine (securityof computer magazine) European Award for the best threat solution product for information security. As one of the five finalists in the best UTM solution competition, Huawei usg/eudemon series firewall is recognized as an excellent product that can help customers solve the most urgent network security threats. The final winner of this award will be announced at the London ceremony of SC magazine European awards on June 7, 2016

sc magazine European Award is the most valuable award in the information security industry. The winner of the threat solution is selected by the expert jury selected by the experienced and knowledgeable SC magazine UK team in the information security industry. This award is mainly awarded to professionals in the field of network security and products and services dedicated to helping enterprises protect against threats and attacks

Tony morbin, chief editor of SC magazineuk, said: data leakage endangers data security, damages corporate reputation, and causes more and more global attacks. Therefore, it is more important than ever to recognize the outstanding example of threat prevention in Europe. They always protect our data security behind human beings

Liu Zhuzhu, vice president of Huawei's switch and enterprise communication product line, said: the usg/eudemon series firewall is Huawei's flagship security product. It has provided comprehensive, efficient and integrated security protection for enterprises and institutions in many European industries, with complete security functions, simple and easy-to-use management, fine management and control, and business acceleration capabilities. Scmagazine award is known as the Oscar in the security industry. Because of its outstanding and comprehensive threat defense solutions and products, Huawei was nominated to enter the finals of its best UTM solution competition unit, and became the first Chinese security manufacturer nominated for the European mainstream security award, which proves the excellent competitiveness of Huawei's next-generation firewall in the industry. Huawei's ability to stand out from many high-quality and competitive candidates is a full affirmation of Huawei's continuous investment and unremitting efforts in the security field for more than 10 years. We will continue to work hard to bring better products and more value to our customers and solve more security problems

▲ Huawei us has always gone through the development process from imitation to independent renovation. Tony morbin, chief editor of g/eudemon series firewall

sc magazine UK, believes that Huawei's solution represents the most innovative and effective security technology in the market today. Attackers are constantly developing means to obtain sensitive data, so enterprises are constantly developing defense and response methods. Huawei usg/eudemon series firewalls were shortlisted for this SC magazine award because of their unremitting efforts to improve in the field of information security

up to now, Huawei security has developed for more than ten years, from the earliest state detection firewall to UTM, to the next generation firewall, and then to today's unknown threat protection based on big data analysis. With a deep technical foundation, a strong security R & D team and a professional security capability center, Huawei security has provided security services to more than 100000 customers worldwide in seven major fields, including telecommunications, Internet, finance, especially reliability experiments, government, energy, enterprises, and education, and is committed to building a more secure security connection for customers

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