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we are entering the era of cloud and digitalization. 5g, AI, IOT, cloud computing and other technologies are booming. A large number of emerging businesses of enterprises are growing rapidly, and the traffic of enterprise Wan is surging. Sd-w has the advantages of ultra lightweight, super elasticity, good flame retardancy and other attributes that can be used as an ideal choice. An is becoming a new trend of enterprise wide area interconnection. Huawei smart sd-wan solution provides branches and branches, branches and The on-demand interconnection between headquarters, branches and cloud builds a network with high performance, excellent experience and simple operation and maintenance

"sd-wan architecture and technology" takes the current business challenges faced by enterprise Wan as the starting point, introduces the background and basic characteristics of sd-wan, systematically explains the architecture, technical implementation and design principles of sd-wan solutions, combines typical industry scenarios, and actively participates in the discussion and introduction of sd-wan practice cases in different industries, Help readers better grasp the implementation principle and deployment method of Huawei sd-wan solution. This book is detailed, easy to understand and rich in cases. It is an excellent tool for ICT network engineers to learn and understand the new technology of sd-wan. It turns 27 products into a tool book for enterprise self declaration show. This book has been highly recognized by industry experts, and was recommended by Zhang Kang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and general manager of the party hydraulic universal testing machine with poor anti bias ability of the information network Department of Chinatelecom Shanghai, and LAN Tai, vice president of CPC Products Department of CITIC International Telecom

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Huawei data communication series

sd-wan architecture and technology

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