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Huawei Espace contact center solution

contact center has become an important tool and means for enterprises to provide users with faster and more comprehensive services and marketing. The innovation of contact center solutions has changed from a simple customer service center to a value center and profit center that can provide value-added services and precise marketing

Huawei cloud contact center uses an integrated green seat, which has the characteristics of unlimited expansion of resources, access at any time, and use on demand. It can uniformly manage and schedule the decentralized and independent contact center resources to form a large number of resources. Through resource virtualization and deployment virtualization, it can help enterprises quickly build professional marketing and service centers, and effectively reduce construction and operation costs

enterprise self built contact center solution

integrated solution:

Huawei integrated solution:

outsourcing Contact Center (BPO) solution

Green agent solution

Green agent coexistence solution

Customer Service

expert agent

enterprise demands: large capacity demand span, high platform reliability requirements Combination of components from different manufacturers

solution: Huawei provides stable and reliable U-series access gate, and connects with third-party CTI, IVR, recording and other systems through the open interface of Obg platform

value: flexible and open combination mode; Meet different business needs of customers

enterprise demands: different functional capacity requirements, high stability, multimedia unified routing

solution: Based on Espace contact center platform, provide different combination schemes through series products to realize cloud seats, cloud management, recording and screen, monitoring and quality inspection, seats, expert seats, video services and other functions

value: flexible groups support centralized and distributed deployment; Video convergence provides high-end experience; Call in and call out integrated solution to create a precision marketing platform

enterprise demands: multi tenant, independent business, elastic expansion, large capacity, high stability, multi center disaster recovery

solution: provide virtual contact center through Espace contact center platform; Tenants can have independent access codes, independent automatic business processes, independent business representatives, and independent management value: enhance competitiveness through effective reuse of resources; Attract a wider range of tenants through the openness of the system and extensive industry cooperation

enterprise demands: reduced maintenance of agent terminals, flexible agent access, anytime and anywhere access

solution: provide agent mobile access through the green agent platform, support thin clients, all-in-one computers, pads, soft phones and other access methods

value: green energy conservation Due to the appearance of elastic components pasted with strain gauges, home office, mobile video

Enterprise appeal: make use of the existing contact center platform and use the green seat scheme to reduce the overall OPEX cost

solution: there is no need to replace the existing contact center platform, and the green seat solution coexists with the existing platform

value: coexist, protect user investment, green and energy-saving, home office

enterprise demands: diversified service channels, convenient customer service of Web customer service, knowledge sharing to improve efficiency and reduce labor demand

solution: provide intelligent services through a unified knowledge base; Realize real-time monitoring of public opinion through social media integration

value: unify knowledge sharing and effectively improve seating efficiency; Service, automatic reply, convenient customer service

enterprise demands: share expert resources, improve the service level of customer service center, and improve customer satisfaction

solution: the web agent framework supports unified communication and realizes the functions of expert agent status list, click call and click transfer; Integrate econference capabilities to realize desktop sharing, remote operation and other capabilities; Support multi-party meetings, sit im capabilities, convene voice, video, data, text and other meetings and instant communication capabilities

value: with the help of experts, improve the one-time response rate and customer satisfaction

product panorama

Huawei Espace contact center provides an open platform with large capacity and high reliability, supports cloud platform deployment, provides web agent services and management services, and integrates video; Enterprises can use the contact center to improve service quality and increase customer viscosity

key features and value

green seat terminal: the power consumption of cloud seat terminal is less than 20W, which is one tenth of that of ordinary PC, with less heating and small land occupation; The cloud seat terminal has no hard disk, no fan, and the noise is about 20 dB, which is in the seat comfort zone; Built in software, no need to configure IP phone; The terminal is separated from the information, and the desktop and data are centrally stored and processed in the background to ensure network and data security

green seat all-in-one machine: customized for seats, the cloud seat terminal has built-in VoIP function, which provides a comfortable call experience by optimizing voice and video quality

green agent advantages

web-based operation and maintenance, remote management: the management platform is based on Web2.0 architecture, which is convenient for remote maintenance and management of the system

anytime, anywhere mobile management: Based on smart, tablet computers and other mobile terminals, through 3G, WiFi and other wireless broadband remote access, remote monitoring and report management

high telepresence remote video inspection: provide a rich graphical monitoring interface to uniformly manage multiple independent contact centers; The seat map is combined with video surveillance to conduct remote workplace patrol for the seat

Video IVR and seating service: show users the video IVR menu through 3G network, and actively push video product introduction and advertising to users. What you see is what you get, which greatly improves the success rate and satisfaction of marketing

social interaction, active marketing: deeply integrate social media such as Weibo to actively market valuable customers

data voice Association innovation and entrepreneurship, building expert seats: the cloud seat framework integrates the unified communication platform, realizes desktop sharing and remote collaboration with expert seats, and improves the one-time response rate and customer satisfaction

application and commercial value

Huawei has built open laboratories and industry laboratories worldwide, worked with partners to improve the contact center solution, and built a complete contact center industrial chain to achieve cooperation, sharing, win-win results and witness growth together

case 1: Taobao cloud contact center

Taobao appeal analysis

unified brand image: Taobao Mall merchants use unified voice access numbers to create new customer contact channels for Taobao Mall

massive and reliable contact center resources are needed: Taobao Mall has more than 40000 merchants, and in the future, it will develop a global EPS output of 6million tons per year, about 80000 seats, which requires very high system reliability

meet business Openness: Taobao has many TP business partners, and the platform is open enough to easily integrate with TP business partners

Huawei Taobao cloud contact center SaaS cloud solution

provides an end-to-end cloud contact center solution to support decentralized and secure access for Taobao sellers across the country

based on SaaS business cloud system, provide Taobao sellers with rich ERP and CRM systems to realize Taobao sellers' on-demand use

provide massive agent resources, and Taobao merchants can open the contact center function at any time, and operate and manage independently

unify the 400 access number, standardize the unified brand effect of Taobao, and save the call cost for Taobao buyers

customer value

SaaS cloud based on Web Technology: plug and play, rapid business launch

high capacity and reliable platform: to meet the increasing business needs of Taobao Mall, the number of seats is expected to exceed 30000

open platform: easy to customize and integrate, and quickly respond to the business needs of merchants in Taobao Mall

win win cooperation: Huawei, telecom, Taobao, Taobao TP win cooperation to provide high-quality service experience for Taobao Mall customers

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