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Huawei's global launch of full scene new products: six product innovations continue, and each experience is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Huawei today released six new products 1 to the world, aiming to bring the latest experience of full scene smart life to global consumers

huawei freebuses pro and Huawei freelace Pro are built by a professional Huawei audio team. They understand sound and consumer needs. Their changes are not only the appearance design of pro, but also the lightweight and comfortable wearing experience, as well as the intelligent audio integrated experience of active noise reduction, sound quality and connection that consumers are increasingly concerned about

the jaws of Huawei watch fit and Huawei watch GT 2 experimental machines include the mutual running in of internal system hardware. The two Pro smart watches are exquisite in terms of square, round and excellent in all aspects. They have excellent aesthetic design, equipped with Huawei truseentm 4.0/4.0+ fourth generation heart rate monitoring technology developed by Huawei and rich professional sports modes, making keeping healthy a scientific and easy thing

huawei matebook x is light and beautiful, while Huawei matebook 14 is light and powerful. Both PCs are equipped with the newly upgraded Huawei shared multi screen collaboration function, which integrates consumers' and PCs, brings a wonderful experience of multi device collaboration, doubles the wisdom and efficiency of mobile office, and opens a new experience of the third generation of mobile office

at the beginning of 2020, Huawei upgraded its full scene Smart Life strategy and worked with global partners to continuously enrich Huawei's smart terminal hardware and software ecosystem. The smart hardware products released this time focus on smart life scenes such as smart office, sports and health, and audio-visual entertainment, enrich product categories and improve smart experience

Yu Chengdong, managing director and CEO of Huawei consumer business, said: behind the good experience, scientific and technological innovation is indispensable, but the starting point and end point of our thinking must be consumers. In the future, we will continue to work closely with our global partners to bring more intelligent and innovative experiences to global consumers

Huawei's full scene new product launch

two Pro Bluetooth headsets are outstanding in terms of noise reduction and sound quality

Huawei audio has created two major categories: Huawei freebuses TWS headsets and Huawei freelace neck worn Bluetooth headsets. In this release, Huawei audio has comprehensively upgraded its Bluetooth headset in terms of active noise reduction, free connection, comfortable and lightweight wearing experience, which are most popular with consumers

huawei freebuses Pro is the world's first intelligent dynamic noise reduction TWS headset. Through advanced acoustic sensing system, dynamic sensing system and acoustic big data acquisition, it has built a smart dynamic noise reduction system integrating acoustic components and acoustic data algorithm, so that this headset has smart dynamic noise reduction function

in different environments, Huawei freebuses Pro will quickly identify the current noise type according to the wearer's sound environment, and automatically switch between the three noise reduction modes of light noise reduction, balanced noise reduction and deep noise reduction. The noise reduction mode is more intelligent, so that consumers can always get the right noise reduction effect. In addition, Huawei freebuses Pro has the industry-leading 40dB noise reduction depth 2, and the noise reduction effect is even better

huawei freebuses Pro supports dual device connection across devices and systems, and can maintain paired connection with two smart devices of different systems at the same time. When consumers need to use one of the devices, they can wear headphones to avoid the tedious operation of pairing repeatedly

to operate Huawei freebuses Pro is very simple. The wearer only needs to remember two actions. Touch the square ear handle with your fingers, and then draw or pinch it. The headset can accurately recognize the control instructions and cooperate with the wearer to control the headset

another headset Huawei freelace Pro is from Huawei's neck worn Bluetooth headset family Huawei freelace series. It is not only beautiful, but also powerful

its dual active noise reduction function cooperates with the industry-leading stable noise reduction algorithm to ensure that the wearer can obtain an excellent noise reduction experience under different noise scenes and wearing conditions, and the maximum noise reduction depth is also increased to 40dB

huawei freelace Pro is equipped with a 14mm aluminum magnesium alloy diaphragm dynamic coil unit, combined with an independent bass duct, which will bring a more shocking sound quality level

in addition, it is also equipped with the innovative usb-c flash 3 hipair technology, which allows Bluetooth pairing or charging when plugged in. In addition, it has a battery life of 5 minutes of charging and 5 hours of music playing. It can be used continuously for 24 hours when it is fully charged

two professional and practical smart watches make it scientific and simple to keep healthy

huawei watch family has more and more products. In recent years, Huawei's consumer business is turning keeping healthy into a scientific and easy thing through the continuous innovation of wearable technology

due to Huawei Watch released this time, GT 2 Pro still has the advantages of watch GT series that consumers are familiar with and love: two-week endurance, classic and technological wearable aesthetic design, 100 + sports modes, accurate and professional health monitoring

in terms of health, it takes the lead in carrying Huawei's latest self-developed fourth generation Huawei lightweight and other requirements I truseentm4.0+ heart rate monitoring technology, which enables faster and more accurate heart rate monitoring

in terms of sports, this product adds two sports modes: skiing and golf. At the same time, it can also provide scientific sports data monitoring in line with these sports habits, making sports fitness a scientific thing

in terms of design, its surface uses wear-resistant and scratch resistant sapphire, and its body uses lightweight and tough titanium metal, which can calmly deal with professional outdoor scenes; The back shell is polished with skin friendly precision ceramics and sapphire mirror, which can enhance the transparency and improve the accuracy of heart rate monitoring while wearing comfort

at the same time, Huawei watch GT 2 Pro has joined the application market for the first time, bringing wearers more intelligent and convenient wearing experience. In the future, Huawei smart watches will continue to enrich the use experience of global consumers

the newly released Huawei watch fit is Huawei's first square shaped light smart sports watch. It has a unique square body with a length to width ratio, which increases the visual recognition of the watch and makes the appearance more fashionable. It is equipped with a 1.64 inch square AMOLED screen to display more information, and it is more convenient for fingers to control the screen

huawei watch fit weighs 34g. This weight is equivalent to a soft and comfortable sports wrist guard, which is naturally comfortable to wear

it also adopts the newly upgraded Huawei truseentm 4.0 fourth generation heart rate monitoring technology. The self-developed multi-sensor AI neural network algorithm is combined with professionally customized PPG components to achieve more accurate 24-hour heart rate monitoring. In addition, its all-weather health management function can comprehensively monitor blood oxygen, sleep and stress, and provide evaluation results and improvement suggestions for wearers

huawei watch fit is Huawei's first smart watch that supports animated fitness private education 5. It develops 44 standard fitness actions into 12 fitness guidance courses according to the fitness points concerned by users, such as fat burning, shoulder and neck relaxation, shaping, etc. Open your watch and you can see it. With a cup of coffee, you can complete an easy fitness training program. It also develops 13 running courses for runners with different training bases, scientifically decomposes the running training steps, and guides the wearer to run in real time. In addition, it supports 96 sports modes, has built-in independent GPS, and has a 5atm waterproof level. It can accompany the wearer to start his favorite sports anytime and anywhere

huawei watch fit is light and compact, with a endurance of up to 10 days under typical use scenarios. 6. It supports Huawei's fast charging technology, which can be charged by using debris time such as washing or breakfast. Charge it for 5 minutes, and it can be used for a whole day under typical usage scenarios

huawei matebook x, lightweight flagship easy to open smart mobile office

huawei matebook x is the third generation of Huawei matebook family mobile office lightweight flagship notebook. It inherits the aesthetics, innovation and wisdom genes of Huawei notebook, and comprehensively upgrades the lightweight aesthetics and wisdom experience. Its thickest part is only 13.6mm8, which is as light as 1kg9. The 13 inch body is smaller than A4 paper, redefining the ultra light and thin experience. When mobile office, it is easier to hold it in your hand and put it in your bag

huawei matebook x uses exquisite craftsmanship to simplify complexity and make the best use of its compact body space. It is equipped with the industry's first floating full screen 10, with 3K high-definition image quality, delicate and vivid images, combined with high-precision multi touch and three finger down stroke screenshots, it has a wonderful screen like control experience; It uses the 10th generation of intelligent Intel? Core? The processor has smooth performance and can handle various tasks calmly; It uses a Huawei free touch pressure touch board with a larger area than before and a full-size keyboard with a 1.3mm key range. Even if the mouse is away from the body, the efficiency is still not reduced; High and low audio four speakers have their own division of labor, bringing immersive audio-visual experience

as Huawei's first Wi Fi 6 notebook, Huawei matebook X has a transmission rate three times that of Wi Fi 5, which reduces the waiting time 11, and the transmission is efficient and stable

based on Huawei's exclusive distributed technology, Huawei matebook x brings a multi screen collaborative 12 smart office experience. With a touch of Huawei's touch pad, the two smart devices can be used together, with one key access to the network. The app that can be operated on the PC screen can connect and play audio and video, use the files in the PC, or even directly drag the files to realize two-way mutual transmission across terminals, which is as simple as controlling the screen, making mobile office more intelligent and efficient

this new mobile office experience originates from the third generation mobile office concept proposed by Huawei. Huawei consumer business said that PC should not be limited to the improvement of product parameters, but should pay more attention to the full scene, intelligence, high efficiency, and ecological integration with other terminals to meet the new needs of consumers for mobile office. It will lead to the depletion of internal logical units

this time, Huawei released the performance benchmark of the third generation mobile office -- Huawei matebook 14 Raptor version. It is light and portable, with strong performance. It also supports Huawei to share multi screen collaboration functions. In addition, it is equipped with a new amd Reebok 4000 H series standard pressure processor and a newly upgraded shark fin cooling system. It is still used smoothly in heavy office scenes such as video editing and image processing

in addition, Huawei has also released the fashionable and simple Huawei matebook x laptop liner bag and Huawei style backpack, which will be launched successively from October 2020

the appearance parameters of the six products are from Huawei laboratory

40 DB is the maximum noise reduction effect that can be achieved. The data comes from Huawei laboratory, which adopts Huawei laboratory model based on human test. The actual effect varies according to the user's ear size, selected earmuffs, ear canal structure, wearing posture, chewing, exercise and other conditions

the flash connect function only supports Huawei emui9.1 and above devices

endurance data comes from Huawei laboratory, and the actual use time changes due to the influence of environment and usage habits

the animation fitness private education function will be upgraded and supported through Ota. Please pay attention to Huawei's official website for details

the data comes from Huawei lab. The endurance is up to 10 days in typical usage scenarios and up to 7 days in severe usage scenarios; Check the typical usage scenarios and other details, and the explanation of Huawei officials shall prevail

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