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Huawei elite competition helped ICT talents break the cocoon into butterflies

on the last Saturday in October 2017, the co discovery Huawei China ecological partner elite competition finally came to a successful conclusion. At the award ceremony, hundreds of participants of the competition jointly witnessed the birth of ICT talents. After the meeting, I interviewed three winners of individual competitions, and inadvertently found that these three winners in different fields actually have a common feature - they have passed Huawei Certified Internet expert (hcie) certification

what is the relationship between Huawei hcie and the award of Huawei elite competition? Is there any undisclosed secret for those who have passed Huawei hcie certification to win the award? Why do they all go to Huawei hcie certification? With doubts in mind, I began to interview the three winners with the spirit of breaking the casserole and asking the truth

three reasons for choosing hcie

it is said that there are onethousand Hamlets in the hearts of onethousand people, but I didn't expect three people to know why they chose Huawei hcie? The answers are also different

guojunwang, the project manager of Shenzhen Jinzheng Technology Co., Ltd., is particularly forward-looking. He told that when he was still in college, he passed the hcie certification. Facts proved that his efforts were right. With the Huawei hcie certificate, he found a job easily. Guo Junwang believes that the experience of contacting hcie in universities is very worthwhile. When I was in college, I had a lot of time to contact theoretical knowledge and study every knowledge point in depth. Moreover, Huawei also provided a simulation environment, which was easier to understand. I participated in the training in Huawei's authorized training center, and I was exposed to some practical projects through teachers. I can also communicate frequently with teachers about problems encountered in the project. Guo Junwang revealed that after work, due to a solid theoretical foundation, once combined with practice, it is easier to understand, apply theoretical knowledge to the project to solve the difficulties of the project, correspond one by one with customer needs, and soon find solutions

zhuzhongwei, a technical engineer of Shandong hening Information Technology Co., Ltd., began to contact Huawei after working. At that time, Huawei's digital communication products were well-known in China, and these measures were widely used in the government industry, including reducing the package size. Zhu Zhongwei saw the development potential of the data communication field and felt that he should learn to enrich himself. Therefore, he first passed the HCNP certification of Huawei data communication, and then passed the hcie certification of storage and cloud computing. Such targeted learning has made him gain a lot. Needless to say, he has also tasted the benefits of improving his professional level: he has improved his understanding of products through targeted learning. When he arrives at the customer's site, he can give more appropriate solutions according to the customer's needs, thus winning the customer's trust

different from Zhu Zhongwei, Chen Kehua, a technical engineer of Fujian Jinke Information Technology Co., Ltd., began to contact Huawei in his work, but he regarded Huawei hcie certification as a stepping stone to contact customers. Some customers have high requirements and require that companies bidding should have relevant qualifications. Especially for networking projects, certification is almost a necessary qualification. Chen Kehua said frankly that in the face of a new customer, when the other party does not understand his professional ability, certification is a good way to show strength. Therefore, since the development of more diverse high-performance 3D printing materials with independent intellectual property rights is a key factor in the development of this technology, Chen Kehua regarded certification as a challenge in his career and the expansion of his ability. Huawei hcie needs an interview. Passing this test will screen out those who do not have a solid theoretical foundation, which increases the difficulty and gold content. Therefore, customers recognize Huawei's certificate

elite competition in the eyes of hcie certifiers

is there a connection between hcie and elite competition

of course, there is no necessary connection! However, Huawei hcie certification has objectively improved our professional level. Winning the individual competition in the elite competition is actually the same as certification, which is an recognition of our ability. The three respondents almost unanimously conveyed the same meaning

winning the second prize of the individual competition makes Chen Kehua more excited, because this is not only a personal honor, but also an invisible brand influence for the company because of the working principle of the battery acupuncture experimental machine. The solution he won this time is the Jiangxi Radio and television data streaming project. When asked about the main reasons for winning the award, the whole speech was very smooth, the project covered a wide range of areas, and the highlights of technology and project management were very prominent. He concluded

Guo Junwang participated in Huawei's elite competition for the third time. He had entered the finals before, but he only won the excellence award because he had no project experience. This year, he made full preparations. In the data center project shared with the examiner, he involved some relatively novel contents, such as the field of three centers in two places and data disaster recovery, which won the unanimous praise of the jury. For this year's competition system, he believes that joining the semi-finals is very creative, because in the semi-finals, players can also communicate with Huawei's internal instructors, which improves his prepared solutions more comprehensively and highlights more

Zhu Zhongwei also believes that increasing the semi-finals is a highlight of this year's competition, which makes contestants must understand technology and project management at the same time, and have higher requirements for the comprehensiveness of contestants' standards. In addition, he believes that Huawei has opened up its product line and services in the competition content this year. This setting is also very good. The winner must be the one with the strongest comprehensive ability

Huawei helps ICT talent ecosystem develop healthily

Huawei should keep a higher profile. This is Zhu Zhongwei's most direct view on Huawei's activities in ICT since the development of 3-variable metal materials. Huawei elite competition and hcie certification are very good. After the talent circle is trained, it also plays a great role in driving Huawei's sales. He believes that Huawei has the ability to connect all aspects of ICT and can make a higher profile. He told that in those years, what he learned in college was general knowledge. After leaving the campus, he found that many technical systems were made by foreign manufacturers. Now Huawei's ICT solutions are well done, which not only allows more domestic enterprise customers to contact excellent products in China, but also is conducive to the benign and healthy development of the entire ICT industry

Chen Kehua also believes that Huawei can kill two birds with one stone by holding such a competition. In particular, partner universities allow agents to improve through self-study, which virtually brings closer the relationship between agents and Huawei, and is more inclined to choose to cooperate with Huawei; On the other hand, the competition has also improved the project implementation ability of partners, and finally improved the market share

advice to ICT latecomers

ZHU Zhongwei believes that ICT learning is a process, not a result. The most effective link for improving ability is the learning process. After repeated discussion in the learning, the ability has been exercised, and it is natural to pass the certification. So please don't just focus on the result of passing hcie certification

Guo Junwang said that certification is to help the growth of personal ability. During the examination of Huawei hcie certification, due to the interview link, candidates should learn to express accurately and fluently. By cultivating communication skills, customer satisfaction can also be increased when delivering projects with users in the future. Don't take the exam for the sake of examination, but be worthy of the title of certification

although the three-month event ended, Huawei's pace of building ICT talent ecosystem did not stop. It can be predicted that Huawei will attract more colleagues, and the glory of ICT talent ecological prosperity will fall on every striver for it

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