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Huawei fusioninsight helps Bank of Chongqing transform its financial business. Bank of Chongqing was founded in 1996. It is the first place to be established in the West and the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, while domestic enterprises that can produce similar qualified products are not multi-party joint-stock commercial banks. In accordance with the lobster three eat development strategy formulated by the Chongqing municipal government, the Bank of Chongqing was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 6, 2013, becoming the first mainland urban commercial bank among the 146 urban commercial banks in China to be successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In recent years, with the care and help of all sectors of society, Bank of Chongqing has gradually developed into a small and excellent commercial bank with excellent business structure, good asset quality, strong profitability and great development potential

in recent years, Internet finance has risen, rapidly occupied emerging financial markets, and comprehensively penetrated the main businesses of traditional banks. Facing the competition of Internet finance, Bank of Chongqing urgently needs to reconstruct the decision-making and service system based on financial big data analysis, so as to improve its competitiveness and customer satisfaction, and deal with the flexible, fast and accurate competition of Internet finance

relying on emerging information technologies such as cloud computing and big data, Internet financial services provide more innovative business and better user experience, which puts forward the reform demand for the traditional financial service model of commercial banks. Especially for medium-sized urban commercial banks, under the condition of relatively weak personnel allocation and business innovation ability, how to make use of technological innovation to meet the challenges brought by internet financial services is an important topic faced by every urban commercial bank

at present, the financial business model of Bank of Chongqing is to design financial products first and then buy them by customers. There is a lack of feedback and innovation mechanism of Internet Finance Based on existing financial data, resulting in insufficient product innovation. Therefore, it is urgent to build a decision-making and service system based on big data analysis, accelerate product innovation, and realize the expansion of prediction and risk control compared with 2017, so as to improve their competitiveness and customer satisfaction

in addition, in the long-term operation process, the production, operation, customer resource management, banking and other systems of Bank of Chongqing have accumulated a lot of structured, semi/unstructured data (such as orders, contracts, logs, etc.). However, in the past, these data were mainly used for business support, lacking the ability to use existing data for data mining and realize business innovation guided by data management

facing the challenges of the big data era, it is urgent to build a bank wide big data platform, build a second data plane, and support big data innovation in financial business. At the same time, the big data platform is required to meet the specifications of the production system of Bank of Chongqing, taking into account reliability, security and ease of use

Huawei fusioninsight big data platform well meets the technical requirements of Bank of Chongqing for big data platform. It processes massive data in a highly reliable, efficient and scalable manner through a distributed processing framework. Through the multi tenant capability of the platform, a unified big data platform is built to support the requirements of different departments for business innovation. At the same time, based on the big data platform, build real-time query, risk control, real-time credit investigation, real-time event marketing, 10. Safe, reliable, help and precision marketing for accurate customer groups

the platform is compatible with the core set of SQL92, sql99 and SQL2003, and is fully compatible with all 99 SQL use cases of tpc-ds; At the same time, in order to increase the usability and complex query ability of the big data platform, it innovatively designed a table clustering and multi-level index scheme, which can realize the seamless connection of the existing database and data warehouse of Bank of Chongqing

at the same time, Huawei fusioninsight provides supporting solutions for typical application scenarios of financial big data, such as historical transaction details query, real-time credit investigation, real-time event marketing, customer behavior analysis, around the whole life cycle of big data collection, storage, processing, insight and services. Among them, fusioninsight miner, a big data insight platform, provides the ability of feature extraction, management and modeling of million dimensional big data to help customers directly realize the prediction of small and micro loans and contingent financial assets; Fusioninsight farmer, a big data service platform, can be used as a historical transaction details query platform, a real-time credit reporting platform, and a real-time event marketing platform, so that customers can focus more on big data business development itself and use the big data platform more conveniently

Huawei fusininsight big data platform has built the bank wide big data infrastructure of Bank of Chongqing, realizing the unified storage and integration of structured, semi-structured and massive unstructured data throughout the bank. At the same time, it provides big data services for multiple business departments, and builds innovative business systems such as real-time query, risk control, real-time credit investigation, real-time event marketing, etc; And guided the exploration of financial business innovation with data mining and application, and achieved initial results

the relevant project leader of Bank of Chongqing said: Huawei Fu's general requirements are 0.2 ~ 0.4sioninsight big data platform. To build our big data basic platform, its enterprise level characteristics such as high performance, high security and multi tenancy are conducive to the deployment of various applications in subsequent planning. At the same time, the platform has good support for SQL, which is suitable for our business personnel to be familiar with the characteristics of SQL

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