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Huawei enterprise business released the latest global partner strategy

today, facing global partners, Huawei enterprise business announced four major measures in its globally broadcast industry digital transformation conference, including supporting partner profitability, simplifying policies, improving partner capabilities, and building an ecological partner circle, working together with partners to achieve win-win cooperation

Shen surong, head of Huawei BG partner strategy and operation Department, announced that the latest ecological layout of enterprise BG facing overseas in 2020. Huawei BG partner ecosystem consists of seven categories: sales partners, solution partners, service partners, investment/financing operation partners, talent alliance, social partners and industrial partners. For these seven types of partners, Huawei's enterprise business will further expand the deep cultivation ecosystem, increase support and capability, and thoroughly implement four measures:

partner profitability

from 2019, Huawei enterprise F. test space: Test width is about 400 mm (Standard Specification) We must cancel the threshold of sales rebate and reward every dollar earned by our partners. In 2020, Huawei's enterprise business will maintain the overall stability of the partner incentive framework, expand the product range applicable to independent software incentives, and provide special incentives for diversified channels, including but not limited to: basic rebate, ability rebate, strategic project operation BiP (business incentive program), so that partners have the motivation to challenge higher goals


Huawei enterprise business continues to simplify partner policies and business processes, making partner policies easy to understand, implement, remember and disseminate, and making the cooperation between partners and Huawei simpler. In 2020, Huawei's enterprise business will release a list of partner incentive products to improve policy transparency and make partner incentives predictable. For example, partners will be allowed to apply for market development funds (MDF) by themselves, so as to speed up the implementation of marketing activities and make the whole business process of Huawei visible to partners


in 2020, Huawei's enterprise business will launch IP and storage product pre-sales professional (HCPP) certification to help partners gain in-depth product technical knowledge and acquire practical skills such as customer technical exchange, scenario based solution design and POC testing. In addition, Huawei has expanded the activity scenarios of market development fund (MDF) and irreversible joint Market Fund (JMF), which are easy to decompose after heating, to support the relevant expansion businesses of global partners (GPS), solution partners and operator partners, so that partners can enjoy the benefits brought by capacity-added, and face the challenges of industry digital transformation more calmly

build an ecosystem

in 2020, Huawei will set up the Huawei ICT Institute Development Fund (ADIF) to promote the development of Huawei ICT Institute, support teaching operations, and promote students to obtain Huawei certification. At the same time, it will strengthen cooperation in the international education circle, enhance the brand of Huawei ICT Institute, cultivate Huawei technical talents, and build a talent and brand moat

facing the future, Huawei's enterprise business will provide development funds, marketing funds and global partner incentive funds for solution partners, strengthen the management of service delivery satisfaction, and extend a series of favorable policies to more ecological partners through the market development fund (MDF), so as to attract ecological partners

by the end of 2019, Huawei has more than 22000 sales partners, more than 1200 solution partners, more than 4200 service partners, more than 1000 talent alliances and more than 80 investment/financing partners

facing the intelligent era, the key to ecological win-win is that everyone can give full play to their respective advantages and achieve the effect of 1+1 2. Through the continuous optimization of ecological policies, Huawei will widely aggregate ecological partners, help partners achieve higher pursuit, give better support to partners, continue to carry out the operation and management of partners around development, cultivation, support, incentive and order, create an open, cooperative and win-win multi ecosystem, and strive to become the preferred supplier for digital transformation

for more information about the digital transformation conference of Huawei industry, please check the introduction of Huawei Company.

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