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Huawei government cloud helps Beijing build a first-class government service center

Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology has built a new Beijing Municipal Government cloud in Beijing Liuliqiao government service hall. Huawei government cloud data center solution provides a comprehensive infrastructure capability of computing, storage, network security and cloud computing, and fully meets the business demands of customers' government cloud construction from the aspects of product equipment, design planning and service security. The management ability and disaster tolerance ability of distributed cloud data center have laid a solid foundation for the future layout of Beijing government cloud to a set of security system, two core computer rooms and n-node government cloud computer room, and helped customers create a safe, reliable and service-oriented first-class government cloud data center model

the Beijing municipal government has launched the municipal e-government cloud pilot since 2011. After four years of pilot, nearly 100 government cloud services have been formed, nearly 5000 virtual machines have been built, and about 150 business systems have been carried out. In order to better promote the construction of government cloud, the Beijing municipal government invested in the construction of government cloud data center located in Liuliqiao government service center in 2015 to build a unified e-government cloud service platform in Beijing. The new cloud data center will provide administrative approval, government stations, basic common support and other services for all government departments, and cooperate with the unified security control platform to form a set of security system + two core computer rooms +n-node government cloud layout with the existing digital North government cloud data center, the Miyun disaster recovery center under construction, and many planned social computer rooms

triple challenges, how to deal with Beijing government cloud

1 Unified management is difficult

Beijing Liuliqiao government cloud data center, the existing digital North government cloud data center, the Miyun disaster recovery center under construction and many social computer rooms under planning jointly constitute the layout of the government cloud data center with two core computer rooms +n nodes. The distributed data center pattern poses a great challenge to the operation of the government cloud. The government cloud needs to flexibly provide cloud services for the business of the Commission Bureau between multiple data centers according to the resource requirements and network access requirements of the Commission Bureau business, so as to realize the unified cloud management of multiple data centers

2. High requirements for security and reliability

Beijing government affairs cloud provides unified cloud services for all government commissions and offices in the city. The security and reliability of the entire platform is the most important link in the construction of government affairs cloud. The operation of the platform should strictly eliminate information security events, downtime and downtime events, and ensure that the reliability of the cloud platform throughout the year is 99.99% and the reliability of data is 99.9999%

3. Strong open compatibility

the unified cloud platform provides cloud services for different types of businesses of various commissions and offices. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the compatibility with existing business systems and basic platforms, and can provide support for existing Oracle, mysql, SQL server and other multi type and multi version mainstream databases

comprehensive coverage, Huawei government cloud data center solution launched a strong attack

Huawei government cloud data center solution provides a complete set of infrastructure capabilities for computing, storage, network security and cloud computing, and realizes the overall design, overall delivery, full compatibility and full optimization of Beijing government cloud infrastructure platform

the distributed cloud data center management capability manages the resources of multiple data centers in a unified manner, and provides resources for each commission and office with cross site virtual data center (VDC) capability, which effectively matches the organizational structure of government cloud business. Specifically, it can be achieved: each commission office has the ability to allocate and use independent cloud resources, and can flexibly allocate and use resources according to its own business applications; Effective isolation of resources between different commissions and bureaus; When applying for cloud resources, you can apply for the required cloud services at the appropriate computer room site according to the business's resource requirements for infrastructure and network access requirements

Huawei government cloud data center solution provides comprehensive security protection capabilities for government business. First of all, the software and hardware products with independent intellectual property rights have the ability to develop, upgrade and bug repair all software codes, so that the platform is safe and reliable. Secondly, the design of government cloud platform meets the three-level requirements of information security. In terms of traditional network security, high-performance anti DDoS devices/firewalls/ips/vpn access and other technologies are adopted. The cloud computing solution fusionsphere adopts agent-free anti-virus, OS kernel simplification and reinforcement, rent withdrawal data bit zeroing, management decentralization and domain division and other technologies, and all-round security capabilities ensure the security compliance of the political cloud. Finally, there are two main elements: the short clamping length of the sample and the improper selection of the jaw of the fixture to ensure the reliability of the data. Give full consideration to the dual active architecture of "main center", Nguyen said, and match the two places and three centers highly reliable architecture of the future and Miyun computer room. In this phase of construction, hpyer metro, the array dual active technology, and the clusters of two high-end arrays oceanstor18000 ensure 99.9999% data reliability, effectively support the disaster recovery goal of the business system RTO 0/rpo=0, and achieve the 99.99% reliability requirements of the platform

the open and mature cloud platform ensures the maximum compatibility of heterogeneous hardware and upper business applications. Fusionsphere, Huawei's mature commercial cloud solution, has strong software and hardware compatibility to ensure compatibility with hardware and upper business applications. It not only supports the mainstream database oracle/sql server/mysql and common middleware, but also supports the compatibility with the security operating systems such as the bid winner Puhua and the bid winner Kirin. In addition, it supports the evolution of the open cloud platform to openstack, laying the foundation for the future construction of unified computing, storage, network resource pool and the use of SDN, and maximizing the ability of the platform to be open and heterogeneous compatible

efficient and stable, customer value has increased steadily

through the unified resource management of distributed cloud data centers, VDC resources across data centers have effectively realized the flexible application of thermal conductive materials or thermal interface materials for cloud services within the scope of multi data centers in order to meet the needs of consumers for high-performance packaging products. In 2011, please allocate and flexibly deploy your business online, It has greatly improved the efficiency of cloud resource use and business service capabilities

the design of the government cloud data center takes the level III of equal assurance as a reference to effectively support the level III evaluation of equal assurance. The dual active disaster recovery scheme supports the disaster recovery goal of the business system RTO 0/rpo=0, and realizes the reliability requirements of 99.99% of the platform and 99.9999% of the data. The safe and stable government cloud platform effectively accelerates the process of business cloud integration

the open and compatible fusionsphere cloud platform effectively supports different types of businesses of many commissions and offices, provides good compatible support for a wide range of upper tier businesses and platform software, and improves the success rate of government business migration to the cloud platform

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