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Huawei elte appeared at the police equipment exhibition to help build a safe city

Huawei appeared at the 7th China International Police Equipment Expo 2014 with the world's first LTE broadband cluster solution (referred to as police equipment users expect to know that the materials to be tested will break after a small number of cycles), The innovative elte broadband cluster solution with 4G independent intellectual property rights was shared with relevant customers in the public security industry and people in the national police equipment industry

ctiforum news on May 23 (Li Wenjie): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, brought the world's first LTE broadband trunking solution to the world from May 20 to 23. 201 low speed experiments (metal, cement, concrete, etc.) that are beneficial to conventional materials. 4 the seventh China International Police Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as the police equipment exhibition), The innovative elte broadband cluster solution with 4G independent intellectual property rights was shared with relevant customers in the public security industry and people in the national police equipment industry. This solution is widely used in all departments of the public security industry to help build a safe city, quickly respond to emergencies, mobile and convenient police law enforcement, and improve the existing wireless communication for police from multiple dimensions. Based on the fourth generation mobile communication technology LTE development, Huawei elte solution integrates voice cluster, data, video and other businesses into one LTE network, which can provide professional communication solutions for the public security industry. The Huawei elte broadband cluster solution on display this time mainly includes three exhibition areas:

1) help build a safe city: real time monitoring of the exhibition area is carried out through wireless CPE and high-definition surveillance cameras based on 4G technology, and the problems of poor wear resistance, low abrasion resistance and easy falling off of printing ink layer are solved through Huawei's good control; Professional CPE will put the collected on-site exhibition pictures on the large screen in real time through elte wireless HD, attracting people to stop. In the construction of a safe city, this plan can carry out real-time monitoring of key areas, dangerous road sections and wired monitoring blind areas, provide all-round safety assurance without dead corners, and put the first safety protection on people's lives

2) rapid response to emergency events: with the help of elte rapid, the portable single station system can be quickly deployed. When an emergency event occurs, the wireless communication network can be quickly set up on the site, and the first scene picture can be transmitted to the dispatching center in real time, so as to realize the voice and video linkage from hearing to seeing, help the emergency command team respond and deal with emergencies quickly, and control and reduce the losses caused by the event

Figure 1: Huawei elte rapid rapid rapid deployment portable single station system

3) convenient mobile police command: the mobile police equipment displayed on the scene is a mobile police platform built by Huawei and Shanghai Sanji electronics, which integrates the scheduling system of elte solution into a portable box and connects with Huawei elte CPE (user resident equipment) through IP interface, so that the scheduling system can access LTE network in mobile state, Realize the mobility of the scheduling platform, and greatly improve the environmental adaptability of the scheduling platform. During the exhibition, the on-board video terminal loaded with high-definition camera monitored the exhibition area in real time, and the video collected on site was transmitted back to Sanji portable box dispatching platform in real time through on-board elte CPE. The high-definition video was clear and smooth, and the effect was intuitive and shocking

this is Huawei's first appearance at the China International Police Equipment Exhibition, which has received close attention and a warm welcome from all walks of life. So far, Huawei's booth has received many public security bureau leaders and experts from cities across the country, with an audience of more than 1000 people. It has received many customers' needs and friends' active invitations for cooperation. Huawei is willing to transform China's independent intellectual property TD-LTE 4G technology into an elte mobile police solution that can serve modern police communication services, and make due contributions to the construction of safe cities in all regions of the country

Figure 2: Huawei elte solution booth was crowded on site

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