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Huawei has increased its investment in the era of intelligent security

driven by 5g, artificial intelligence, holographic perception and other technologies, the big security with video surveillance as the core is rapidly entering a new era of intelligent security. As a highlight of its participation in the Expo, Huawei held the 2019 Expo smart video cloud forum with the theme of smart acceleration and efficiency doubling on the 28th. Experts and practitioners from the security industry all over the country gathered together to share their wonderful experiences, including the macro planning of intelligent video application system and the successful practice of provincial and municipal video intellectualization; There are not only practical applications of service platform cities, but also holographic communities serving people's livelihood; There are both pioneering attempts of 5g+ai technology and industrial thinking on how to ensure business continuity

security has entered the intelligent era. Huawei has increased and broadened its investment

Yue Kun, vice president of Huawei China region and President of Huawei EBG China Anping business department

at the beginning of the meeting, Yue Kun, vice president of Huawei China region and president of Huawei EBG China Anping business department delivered a speech. He said that one month before the 2017 Anbo, the board of directors of Huawei made a very important decision to officially establish Anping business department, focusing on deepening and penetrating the public security industry. In two years, this campaign will cause the test piece to twists and turns around the selected circular axis, and the number of local and municipal customers served by Anping business department has increased by nearly 100. Yue Kun said that the public security industry is the foundation of Huawei's intelligent security, and Huawei will continue to increase its investment in public security

security has entered the intelligent era. Huawei intelligent security will develop from three aspects: fast, accurate and easy. The first is fast: it needs to get through the workflow and reduce the system response time from minutes to seconds; The second is quasi: in the era of intelligent security, the accuracy of video intelligent system recognition must be optimized and improved by an order of magnitude; The third is easy: in the era of intelligent security, the ease of use of the system must be further improved, that is, whether a new application can be quickly started without training by customers' self-study in a few minutes

build a healthy artificial intelligence industry chain and ecological chain

Yang Xueshan, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology

artificial intelligence has achieved rapid development in the integration with the real economy, which is basically doubled in two years, and has entered thousands of industries and households. Intelligent security plays an important role in building a safe, reassuring and accurately managed social management. However, the security of applications requires high attention and a safe and reliable supply chain, which is particularly important. Yang Xueshan, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out in the special sharing of "building a healthy artificial intelligence industrial chain and ecological chain": the supply of hardware, software, systems, materials and parts, the credibility and availability of information, and the sustainable evolution of standards, norms, systems, technologies and services all require a safe and reliable supply chain system. Therefore, we need to establish a bottom line thinking, do a good job in risk assessment and plan, and reduce all links to the minimum risk. The most important thing in the industry is the need for controllable, manageable and sustainable integrators, suppliers and people. End customers need to establish long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations with various roles in the supply chain

three initiatives of intelligent acceleration, building a new era of intelligent security

Liu Chao, vice president of Huawei EBG China

Liu Chao, vice president of Huawei EBG China, delivered a keynote speech titled "doubling the efficiency of intelligent acceleration, building a new era of intelligent security". Taking Shenzhen airport security inspection as an example, he introduced the successful practice of intelligent landing: the annual passenger flow of Shenzhen Airport exceeded 50million, safety, efficiency Experience has always been the core proposition for the future development of Shenzhen airport. Shenzhen Airport took the lead in implementing face brushing security check + differentiated security check in China. The security check time was reduced from 25 minutes in the traditional peak hours to 1 minute in the rapid security check, which greatly saved the security check time and improved the flight experience; At the same time, the boarding efficiency will be improved by 40% by walking around the airport with one face. From the residence to the cabin, the whole process is paperless, and the whole journey is unimpeded by brushing your face

Liu Chao pointed out that in accelerating the intelligent construction of video images, we need to get out of two misunderstandings:

misunderstandings 1. High investment in intelligence. According to statistics, the construction of intelligent video all the way only needs to increase the investment by about 10%, but it solves the inefficient problem of requiring several people to watch the video for ten hours in the past. Intelligent video monitoring can respond and process in real time, and the actual effect can be multiplied. Intelligence is not expensive, one investment, ten achievements

misunderstanding 2. Complex intelligent construction. In the era of intelligence, the focus of construction has shifted to the analysis of people/vehicles/objects, the construction of data governance and data application, and the complexity between modules in the system has increased significantly, which requires manufacturers and integrators to provide a set of integrated and verified solutions. The goal of Huawei's video solution is to be as easy to use as the app store, so as to be intelligent, pre integrated and experience templated

with the vigorous development of artificial intelligence, the value of video intelligence is increasing. Huawei has put forward three initiatives:

the first initiative is to accelerate the promotion of intelligence to the whole territory and build a multi-dimensional intelligent perception system. Haogang is used on the blade. Through scientific distribution, it provides corresponding intelligent front-end for different scenes, such as from single face recognition, to 100 face recognition, and then to the high-density camera with the strongest ability of 200 face recognition in the industry. On the other hand, the renovation of the built HD front-end: in addition to providing the traditional back-end intelligent scheme, a smart camera with a 1-to-N scheme will drive up to 8 HD to become intelligent

the second initiative is: the achievement of cloud is simple. Video intelligence is not a simple stacking of system functions, but through the integration and reconstruction of applications, data and resources to make the business more simple and efficient: for example, solve the intelligent tide phenomenon through the cloud of resources, such as parsing people and car checkpoints during the day, and video structuring at night

the third initiative is to build an open, advanced and sustainable intelligent security ecosystem. Huawei has continued to invest in basic and key fields, converging more industrial partners with platform + ecology, and jointly prospering the security market

Kunpeng soared thousands of miles, leading the era of intelligent security cores

Duan Aiguo, President of Huawei's intelligent security product line

Duan Aiguo, President of Huawei's intelligent security product line, said on the video cloud forum that 2+4+n is an intelligent security business strategy. Its connotation is that Huawei's intelligent security is based on Huawei's two processors, Kunpeng and shengteng, and crosses the industrial development gap with true data, true intelligence, true openness and true security, And join hands with n ecological partners to make intelligent security work. Huawei's intelligent security business is experiencing a high-speed development stage, and the overall growth of cameras, video cloud platforms, and public security industry solutions continues to be exponential. Duan Aiguo released the top ten diamond products of Huawei holosens product family at the meeting:

self learning: after the camera is online, the algorithm evolves independently. After the camera is online, the accuracy of algorithm self-learning is further improved. The more you use it, the better you use it, and the more you use it, the more accurate it is

smart 1 drag 8: the ultimate computing power of the front end is shared. One smart camera drives eight ordinary cameras, and seconds become smart

Gaomi face: 200 Gaomi cameras/frame, eliminate missed shots, and become the king of capturing. Face + human association tracking detection, face + human dual detectors, dual trackers

supercolor: super star full-color camera, king of night shooting, best imaging, all-weather capture. Patent invisible fill light, zero light pollution; AI fusion imaging, ultra full color

compound eye multi mirror collaboration: 3-mirror 3-core compound eye camera, which greatly simplifies intelligent coverage and full AI linkage capture and analysis; Innovative intersection collaboration mode, with 2 cameras replacing the traditional 10 cameras

intelligent transformation: ivs38, a large Japanese chemical manufacturer, Mitsui chemical, launched a project about a year ago, the 00-c strongest AI computing power sharing platform, which provides 384 channels of Video Parsing and parallel processing of image streams, and its ability can be further expanded. Seamless integration, plug and play

intelligent micro cloud: ivs1800, 2U embedded server, small machine and great intelligence, which can load six different algorithms, and one can solve small intelligent scenes such as smart Park, holographic community and smart business super

cross mirror tracking: video analysis (unconstrained face, human body) + visual positioning prediction algorithm multi class algorithm fusion, multi-dimensional big data analysis, full space-time trajectory description, trajectory tracking continuous torsion fatigue test-bed failure without breakpoints

holographic portrait: deep learning, unconstrained face algorithm, accurate face capture recognition; Multi dimensional data fusion, relationship graph depiction, 100 million level data accurate archiving, second level retrieval

holosens store: the best algorithm mall, converging the strongest ecosystem

Huawei's intelligent security products, with full scene intelligence and end-to-end cloud collaboration, have a reliable supply system, continue hard core innovation, and ensure the sustainable development of information technology in the security industry

holographic community 2.0 scenario solution release

Hu shanyong, chief scientist of Huawei EBG China

Hu shanyong, chief scientist of Huawei EBG China, released holographic community 2.0 scenario solution. Holographic community solution is a public security prevention and control plan for the last mile of the city jointly created by Huawei and its partners to help customers solve problems such as community safety management and floating population management. By deploying cameras and access control sensing devices in six scenes such as community entrances and exits and building unit doors, we can realize the real-time dynamic collection of community garage data, so that the number of community personnel is clear and the situation is clear. Through the community analysis model, we can realize the prediction and early warning of potential risks in the community, prevent them from happening, and then create a holographic community with zero cases

released the full airspace, ultra long distance and urban low altitude law enforcement solution

Shu Difei, product director of Huawei enterprise wireless field

Shu Difei, product director of Huawei enterprise wireless field, released the full airspace ultra long distance urban low altitude law enforcement solution, which was jointly implemented by Shenzhen COBIT Aviation Technology Co., Ltd The new generation of UAV/helicopter low altitude law enforcement solution based on elte (4G, 5g) jointly created by Shanghai Security Service (Group) Co., Ltd. adds new command means such as air command center, image transmission, cruise, mobile investigation, monitoring and early warning, communication relay, material delivery and so on to the traditional command and scheduling system. In daily public security management, the UAV's strong environmental adaptability is used to patrol the whole area in real time and without dead corners in different terrains and environments. In some emergencies and major events, the UAV has faster response speed and good concealment. BMW, Audi, Teijin and other companies have experimented with or applied the characteristics of this technology, which has strong mobility for high-altitude remote monitoring, real-time picture transmission, and rapid related disposal through the UAV's own speakers, cameras, strong light and strong sound tear inducing equipment, so that the command center can plan strategies and deal with each event efficiently. For the problem of traffic congestion in large cities, UAVs in the air can fly to the scene of the accident automatically and quickly according to the instructions, understand the situation on the scene, and play a key role in the effective traffic diversion and the rational planning of resources

it is worth mentioning that in addition to this video cloud forum, Huawei will also carry the smart big data forum at this Expo

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