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Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication enables you to win at the starting line of learning

in the current era of talents and fierce social competition, parents pay more attention to children's education in the current fatigue performance testing fields of quality inspection, scientific research, universities, construction, highways, railways, bridges, automobiles, machinery, nuclear power, water conservancy, ports, tunnels, coal and other industries, and choose the best teaching resources for children from childhood, Lest children lose at the starting line

Jishi media got the parents' concerns early and built a remote interactive teaching project based on its own network technology advantages, covering all schools and educational administrative units of general education and high schools in Jilin Province. It realizes the full coverage of subjects, famous teachers and famous schools from the wedge-shaped primary school to the high school, and extends to the field of vocational education and higher education. Jishi media, together with Huawei, hopes to rely on Jishi media's education information platform to reduce initial investment, zero operation and maintenance, and widely cover learning scenes, so as to quickly realize the demands of school to school connection, class to class connection, and Renren connection, so as to realize the convenient sharing of high-quality educational resources in the province, and let children win on the starting line of learning

Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication solution

for the actual needs of Jishi media and education units in the province, Huawei provides an industry-leading enterprise cloud communication solution. Jishi media education information system is equipped with Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication platform to help education managers realize educational resource sharing, interactive teaching and collaborative campus, and improve the efficiency of distance education and innovative learning

Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication solution

the three characteristics of Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication platform are as follows:

Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication platform adopts cloud architecture design, realizes on-demand elastic deployment, and can be extended to support millions of users. So that Jishi media can realize the unified management and scheduling of the whole equipment and business on one operation platform according to the actual needs of each school. At the same time, with Huawei intelligent call technology, education management units or school managers can easily complete the operation of Cross School business functions, greatly simplify the operation process, and improve the efficiency of school to school mutual teaching and management, which is a big step forward in school education

Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication deeply integrates video, voice, collaboration and other communication modules, realizes all media collaborative applications from desktop to mobile, supports audio and video services, integrated conferences, rich media messaging, unified messaging, call centers and other services, so that teachers and students can participate in interactive teaching in real time. Students can share the contents of excellent classes whether in interactive classrooms, self-study rooms, libraries or at home. In a word, as long as you want to learn, anytime, anywhere

anthonyquarterman, vice president of Huawei, said that the enterprise cloud communication platform adopts the business modular design concept, and users can experiment with other environmental facilities according to business needs. There will be other phenomena in use, and the basic communication modules can be flexibly combined. The platform provides developers with a simple and easy to learn programmable interface, which can seamlessly integrate these communication functions into the business systems of education, medical treatment, emergency command and other industries, and realize the integration of enterprise cebp (communication enabled business flow) in the fastest and simplest way, so as to bring users a better experience feel

Huawei has been working in the field of audio and video applications for 23 years, and has rich audio and video technologies. It is believed that Huawei's high-quality products, solutions and services will help more partners go further on the road of information construction

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