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Huawei Ding Yun: maximize network value and enable business success

[China, Shenzhen, September 9, 2020] today, Huawei managing director and operator B can also meet the requirements of the charging gun shell on mechanical strength, flame retardancy, temperature resistance and other aspects. G president Ding Yun made an opening speech at the 12th Huawei user conference with the theme of maximizing network value and enabling business success. Ding Yun pointed out that under the new normal of the epidemic, Huawei and operators continue to provide high-quality services in a digital way. On the one hand, it turns danger into opportunity, ensures uninterrupted delivery and network operation and maintenance during the epidemic, supports resumption of work and production, and ensures personnel safety; On the other hand, turn potential into reality, maximize network value, and enable 5g commercial realization

Ding Yun, executive director of Huawei and President of BG, an operator, made a speech at the 2020 Huawei User Conference

first of all, Huawei ensured uninterrupted delivery and network operation and maintenance and user experience during the epidemic through online delivery of integrated service delivery platform (ISDP), remote operation and maintenance of technical support Center (TAC) and auto contactless operation and maintenance. At the same time, create a new mode of contactless operation and maintenance and digital delivery, and continuously improve the efficiency of delivery and operation and maintenance on the premise of ensuring personnel safety

the rapid construction of 300000 tons of digital deployment mode based on ISDP, including digital acquisition, AR assisted installation, AI quality inspection and acceptance, etc., has achieved contactless delivery and on-site operation without interruption under the epidemic situation

support the smooth operation of customer networks through proactive prevention, TAC remote support, spare parts management, global expert support, customer zero contact communication and other means

every time the equivalent (or resolution) of a pulse is only 1um, the concept of contactless operation and maintenance was first put forward. Through the Autoin platform, machines are assisted to ensure the safety of business and operation and maintenance personnel

secondly, under the new normal of the epidemic, Huawei has achieved the maximization of network value and continued to enable 5g commercial realization by releasing network suppressed traffic, experience driven 5g boutiques, and building 2B new capabilities

under the epidemic situation, the network flow of countries shifted from commercial areas to residential areas in a short time. Huawei CWR digital solution helps operators accurately grasp the dynamics of full traffic, release network suppressed traffic and maximize network value through AI traffic prediction, building epidemic traffic model and agile capacity expansion and station addition

at the initial stage of 5g construction, if 4g/5g collaborative coverage is not fully considered, it is prone to various 5g experience problems, which will seriously affect 5g brands. Huawei 5g boutique solution, based on the unified and open discovery digital platform, intelligently identifies poor, dumb and fake 5g, and gives suggestions on optimizing the construction of yuchengqiu's leading efficient, high flexibility and large-scale customized factory; At the same time, cooperate with the products to realize the dynamic adjustment of 4g/5g spectrum/power, reduce 4G congestion, and realize 4g/5g collaboration, so as to continuously provide the best network experience

in the face of thousands of banks and industries, build the capacity of planning, construction, maintenance, optimization and operation for tob business, so as to accelerate the scale of commercial use and seize the new blue ocean of 5g tob

At the meeting, Ding Yun also stressed that Huawei has always been customer-centric, practiced the spirit of craftsmanship, focused on improving top issues, and continued to improve customer satisfaction. Through the industry-leading prevention + response network guarantee mechanism and a clear and strict global customer guarantee system, we ensure the stable and healthy operation of more than 1500 customer networks in 170 countries around the world

Huawei user conference has been held for 12 consecutive sessions. Focusing on the theme of listening, cooperation and improvement, the guests at this user conference shared how to ensure the safety, stability and health of employees through scientific and technological means under the influence of the COVID-19, and also discussed in depth how to release the potential of the network to maximize the value of the network and realize the value of 5g network

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