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Huawei's "digital journey" solution appeared in hnc2014

recently, at the Huawei networking Conference (HNC 2014) held in Beijing, Huawei released a digital journey solution for the transportation industry based on the concept of agile innovation and the trend of new mobile Internet services in the transportation industry. At the conference, Huawei shared with experts from all fields of the transportation industry and looked forward to the informatization reform and development trend of the transportation industry, which opened the implementation of solutions and business innovation in the transportation industry, such as Turkmenistan's long-distance crude oil pipeline transportation project

[Beijing, China, June 3, 2014] Huawei, the world's leading information and communication solutions provider, gathered in Beijing today with nearly 300 enterprise customers from the global transportation industry and industry experts in accordance with gb17565 (2) 007 general technical conditions for anti theft safety doors to participate in the Huawei network conference, the agile network transportation forum that has set out wholeheartedly to start a new digital journey. At this forum, Huawei launched a digital journey transportation solution, including innovative business models and technological achievements based on WiFi network deployment in bus, rail transit, airport and other scenarios, which showed the industry Huawei's deep understanding of the transportation industry and how to help the transportation industry enter the new era of mobile Internet through innovative information technology

figure: Chen Bin's theme of growing together with customers in the transportation industry

figure: Motor's theme of starting an innovative digital journey

the transportation industry used to pay more attention to the operation of traditional carrier business, but with the change of environment, the industry's focus gradually shifted to the goal of how to integrate its own advantageous resources, use innovative technology to achieve new customer experience, and thus increase new profit growth points. At present, the public 3g/4g network built by a single operator is still the unified channel for the interconnection services in the bus, subway and other industries. Passengers can only choose this high-cost, low bandwidth way to realize information interconnection during the journey. Huawei's digital journey transportation solution starts from paying attention to the passenger service experience. Through the construction of on-board WiFi network platforms for subways and buses, it brings passengers fast, high-quality and rich network services to improve the passenger experience and increase user stickiness. At the same time, on the basis of this network platform, wireless positioning and navigation and app applications based on passenger service can also be integrated through customized development and third-party integration, so as to create a new business model in the Internet era for owners in the transportation industry

Chen Bin, head of the transportation system Department of Huawei BG China, said: Mobile Internet has brought new development opportunities to the transportation industry, and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have begun large-scale construction. The new digital journey transportation solution launched by Huawei will help customers quickly deploy operational networks in public transportation, rail transit, airports and other fields to maximize investment income; At the same time, Huawei will continue to unswervingly adhere to the integration strategy and win-win with its channel partners in the mobile Internet era

Ma Ma, general manager of Huawei enterprise network product line solutions, said: in the new era of interconnection, with the continuous application of new technologies, the transportation industry needs to seize the opportunity of technological change and constantly seek innovative business models. Huawei focuses on its customers' Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. now mainly produces and operates products including: hydraulic universal testing machine series, electronic universal testing machine series, pressure testing machine series and other experimental equipment needs, to help customers find innovative opportunities in their interaction, so as to meet the challenges of the Internet Era

at the meeting, the users of bus and CCTV media, as partners in Huawei's mobile internet field, spoke highly of the effective scheme of the general standard block within one year from the date of bid. At the same time, they also introduced how to realize the transformation and practice of traditional media as virtual operators in the Internet era, and promote the upgrading of the entire industrial chain together with equipment manufacturers. Experts from China Communications Design Institute, China Railway Eryuan and China Civil Aviation Eryuan also believe that the in-depth application of Huawei agile network in the transportation industry has laid the foundation for owners and customers to achieve efficient, safe and reliable operation goals. Huawei agile network has realized the industry's commercial SDN architecture for the first time, and its centralized control has improved the overall operation efficiency. The deep integration of wired and Wireless Features in the subway, airport and other wireless network scenarios not only ensures the rapid stability of business, but also simplifies the work of operation and maintenance managers; The full security assistance defense has played a three-dimensional security protection for the business network through innovative technologies such as big data correlation analysis and dynamic allocation of security resources

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