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Linzhou Electric Power Bureau 95598 call center quality service sidelights

white shirt, paired with black waist to knee skirt, simple and capable; Colored scarves, set off by black exquisite heels, are elegant without lack of knowledge; With a bright smile and a standard elegant standing posture, there is no lack of kindness in the temperament. The six girls on this family photo are the seats of the 95598 call center of Linzhou Electric Power Bureau. Both inside and outside, they use the service on their fingertips and the good voice of electricity to interpret high-quality services, creating a permanent spring for the people of Linzhou

build a strong quality tree, image, identity and name, and build the world's first TPI industrial device film

95598. Each member must undergo strict etiquette training and telephone service training before taking the post, and can take the post only after passing the examination. In addition to strict requirements for appearance and soft touch, the bureau also evaluates power professional issues such as fault repair, information inquiry and business consultation. On the bookshelves of team 95598, there are more than 50 books of literature, majors, safety, etc. neatly placed. They take time to recharge themselves every day

in December 2011, the Linzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League awarded the youth civilization Medal of the 95598 call center of the Linzhou Municipal Bureau, and Qiao Qing was awarded the honor of the new Long March raider, saying he hoped to help everyone. 95598 became a shining business card of the Bureau. While doing a good job in the way of vertical management and control of their employees, this young team also took the initiative to go out of the enterprise, deliver services, brighten their image, put on a red vest, wear a little red hat, publicize the safe use of electricity for residents in the community, send stationery to children in mountainous areas, and send love lunch to orphaned and widowed elderly. Wherever they go, they don't forget to remind people around them: as long as there is difficulty in using electricity, please call 95598, and we will solve it for you at the first time

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