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The nuclear crisis "catalytic" radiation detection industry has a high growth

4 while improving the process level of products. On August 25, mikeshafer, general manager of Thermo Fisher China, said in an exclusive interview: affected by the Japanese accident, in the field of nuclear monitoring instruments, the market growth is expected to exceed 20%, and the growth of our company will be 5 to 10 percentage points higher than the average market growth

emergency detection: supply exceeds demand

according to Japanese media reports, after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, in addition to the radiation detection instruments purchased by local governments in Japan for disaster prevention, personal demand is also very strong. Even the radiation detection instruments used for Science Teaching in junior high schools have been snapped up, and relevant manufacturers continue to receive orders from enterprises and individuals

for example, the radiation detector produced by Horie field, Kyoto, Japan, was originally developed for students to learn about radiation. The company received more than 500 orders after the earthquake. The original annual production scale of 100 units has been changed to 100 units per week since late March

the small radiation detector of applied optical research industry company in Fusheng, Tokyo, originally produced 200 to 300 sets per year, but now it is striving to produce 100 sets per month, but the supply still exceeds the demand

for this reason, Thermo Fisher has increased the output of nuclear radiation detection products in its German factory in the past month to meet the explosive growth demand. For customers in other countries, the shipment speed was slightly delayed to give priority to Japanese orders

our main customers of nuclear radiation detection instruments in China include users of nuclear energy industry, such as nuclear power plants. After obtaining the full understanding and support of customers, we also urgently transferred goods from China to Japan at that time. Now the situation in Japan has been relatively stable, and our supply to China has also resumed. Maishifu told

in China and South Korea, governments and enterprises also began to use professional equipment to monitor the radiation level of imported products from Japan after the Fukushima crisis

maishifu said that since there was no emergency in China, Thermo Fisher first provided airport detection solutions to the Chinese market in the past month to detect passengers and products entering from Japan, and then cooperated deeply with the Ministry of environmental protection, CDC and other departments to monitor and prevent any kind of radiation cloud from entering all regions of China

market expansion: from professional to public

before the Fukushima nuclear crisis, nuclear radiation detection equipment was more used in specific professional fields, but now, this industry is increasingly showing a trend of expansion to the mass market

the long-term impact of Japan's nuclear safety accident on this industry will be the enhancement of awareness, which will lead to the enhancement of product demand. Maishifu analysis believes that

it is understood that in Thermo Fisher 1. Factors that determine the quality of pressure testing machines, nuclear radiation equipment accounted for only a small part of the sales of $11billion in 2010. Its subordinate Thermo Fisher environmental instruments division earned US $2.3 billion in 2010, accounting for 14% of the company's analytical instruments business

now Thermo Fisher sees that there are great opportunities in testing products and personal safety, and new business growth points are expected

taking the above radeyeb20 as an example, the handheld radiation detector was launched in 2009 at a price between US dollars. It was initially one of the series of products developed for the September 11 incident in the United States. It was used by the police, fire and other emergency departments to identify nuclear materials in terrorist threats, and in the public transport industry to determine whether individuals carry any radioactive weapons or bombs

after the disaster in Japan, the detector was first widely used for nuclear radiation detection of emergency rescue workers, nuclear power plant workers and workers in disaster areas. Now it is gradually used to detect the radiation level of Japanese food (spinach, milk, etc.), clothing and water

on April 19, in consideration of public health and personal safety, Guangzhou Food Safety Office issued a document to five functional departments, requiring whether food is exposed to nuclear radiation to be included in the regulatory indicators, becoming the first city in China to include nuclear radiation testing of food into the scope of daily supervision

this information quickly attracted the attention of Thermo Fisher. Maishifu told that there will be two important changes in China's 12th Five Year Plan: the first is the rapid development of science and technology itself, and the second is the people's pursuit of a higher quality of life. We hope to meet the long-term needs of the Chinese market

equipment manufacturing industry is the pillar industry of the national economy.

as the largest foreign-funded enterprise in the field of Analytical Science in China, with only some functions and different ways of displaying data, Thermo Fisher sales in China in 2010 was US $400million, accounting for about 5% of the total global sales

according to marccasper, its global president and CEO, said in Guangzhou in March this year, the company's goal is to grow its business in China four to five times to $2billion by 2020

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