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The high-quality development of the gas separation equipment industry must work together

China's gas separation equipment industry has experienced more than 60 years of development, the industrial scale and application scope have been expanding, and the industrial relevance has become higher and higher. Major equipment such as oversized air separation equipment has become a "national priority"

focusing on the major cutting-edge technological progress in the field of gas separation equipment in China, the expansion of R & D and application fields of new products and processes, and the common problems that restrict the development of the industry, the gas separation equipment branch of China General Machinery Industry Association held the eighth second member congress and 2018 China gas separation equipment industry technology development forum in Luoyang, Henan Province on April. The meeting reached a consensus that the gas separation equipment industry urgently needs and must form a joint force to jointly cope with the fierce market competition, so as to achieve high quality and sustainable development

the market is picking up and the price is still low

the imbalance and insufficient contradiction of development highlights

whether it is gas separation equipment or gas products, it is closely related to all fields of the national economy. Traditional industries such as metallurgy and chemical industry are the main consumer industries of industrial gases, and emerging industries in China such as electronics, photovoltaic, new coal chemical industry, new energy, aerospace Environmental protection and health care are also closely related to gas separation

with the sustained and rapid development of the national economy and the development of modified PPO, the economic operation of China's petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and power industries has gradually improved, especially in recent years, the rapid rise of emerging industries such as coal chemical industry, coal to liquids, LNG, etc., has prompted the domestic industrial gas industry to be in a growth period, and the new capacity and stock capacity of downstream industries have been gradually marketized, increasing the market capacity of the industrial gas industry. Thus, the market demand for gas separation equipment is booming

Xu Jianping, Deputy Secretary General of China General Machinery Industry Association and Secretary General of the gas separation equipment branch of China Communications Association, pointed out in his work report that in 2017, the main business income of the whole industry of gas separation equipment reached a record 18.2 billion yuan, an increase of 25% year-on-year; The profit was 810 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.7 times. According to the analysis of its profit sources, it is mainly from the gas sector of Hangzhou hang Yang Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Air Separation Group Co., Ltd., while the profit of the equipment manufacturing sector of the air separation industry is only about 200million yuan

according to incomplete statistics, in 2017, the national gas separation equipment industry signed more than 30 sets of super large air separation equipment above 70000 grade, of which hang Yang took half of the contract share. Linde Engineering (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., Air Liquide (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., AP, Hangzhou foster cryogenic equipment Co., Ltd., Kaifeng Air Separation Group Co., Ltd. and others made the other half...

Xu Jianping said that the gas separation equipment industry is strongly promoted by the country's efforts to develop emerging coal chemical industries such as coal to liquids, coal to gas, coal to olefins, and coal to methanol, as well as policies such as capacity reduction, energy conservation and emission reduction, From the end of 2016 to now, the industry has ushered in a wave of new demand for air separation equipment and other gas separation equipment, mainly from coal chemical industry, petroleum refining and metallurgy. Its oxygen production capacity is 45% for coal chemical industry, 30% for petroleum refining and chemistry, 25% for metallurgy, 25% for coal chemical industry, 20% for petroleum refining and chemistry, and 55% for metallurgy

analyzing the current economic operation situation and existing problems of China's gas separation equipment industry, Xu Jianping pointed out that at present, the situation of oversupply and excess manufacturing capacity in the gas separation and liquid equipment market has not fundamentally changed; Although the market demand has warmed up and improved, the equipment order price has remained low, and the profitability and profit of manufacturing enterprises have declined; The prices of raw materials and supporting equipment have risen, the international competition of air separation equipment has intensified, and the average profit margin of the equipment manufacturing industry is less than 2%. For example, 70% of the simple consolidated profits of Hang Yang Co., Ltd. come from the gas industry, while other enterprises are lower. Manufacturing enterprises have orders and manufacturing volume, but the pressure on enterprise receivables is still great. There is a large gap between the technology, manufacturing capacity and profitability of foreign and domestic enterprises; The vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises lack the stamina for development; In general, the development of the whole industry of sharing equipment is unbalanced and insufficient, and the contradiction is becoming increasingly prominent

breakthroughs in major equipment technology and manufacturing

the market competition pattern presents "four beams and eight pillars"

it is reported that on March 15, 2017, hang Yang, Hangzhou turbine and Shenyang Blower Group indirectly reversed the original practice of using 4million tons/year coal for Shenhua Ningxia coal, which wiped out the original advantages of high efficiency and energy saving of thermal insulation materials. The first domestic 100000 grade super large air separation plant developed by the liquefaction demonstration project was successfully started at one time, Produce qualified oxygen and nitrogen products

on April 18 this year, China Machinery Industry Federation and China General Machinery Industry Association organized an application achievement appraisal meeting of 100000 grade air separation equipment. The expert group agreed that the overall technology of the project has reached the international leading level

at the same time, on April 26 this year, an appraisal committee composed of 11 well-known experts at home and abroad, including academician Guo Dongming, President of Dalian University of technology, Professor Xi Guang, vice president of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Professor Zhou Min, deputy general manager of China petroleum refining and chemical branch, conducted an appraisal of Shenyang Blower Group Hangzhou Turbine Company appraised the domestic 100000 nm3/h air separation unit compressor unit (air compressor + steam turbine + reducer + supercharger) jointly developed by Shenhua Ningmei 4million ton/year coal indirect liquefaction demonstration project

the expert group agreed that the air compressor unit filled the domestic gap and broke the foreign technological monopoly; The overall performance of the unit has reached the international advanced level, and some performance indicators have reached the international leading level

in addition, zhuoyueguang, director of the process equipment room of the Design Institute of Kaifeng Air Separation Group, told that Kaifeng air separation has successfully developed a new argon extraction air separation device technology and a new all liquid air separation device technology, which has been industrialized and exported to Indonesia

Jiang Rong, President of the Design Institute of Sichuan Air Separation Group, told that in recent years, Si Kong Group has been committed to the development and industrial application of green, efficient and low-temperature technology. Many new technologies have been developed and industrialized in air separation, natural gas separation and liquefaction, comprehensive utilization of liquefied natural gas cold energy, and key equipment (such as large storage tanks, high-pressure plate fin heat exchangers, turbine expanders, etc.)

the Inner Mongolia Xingsheng 2million m3/D natural gas liquefaction plant built by Sichuan Air Separation Group is the first national large-scale liquefied natural gas project. At the same time, based on the technical advantages of liquefied natural gas, Sichuan Air Separation Group has developed multi-component chemical gas low-temperature separation and liquefaction technologies, such as coke oven tail gas separation and liquefaction technology, coal gasification combined gas separation and liquefaction technology, which have also been successfully applied in many projects

Jiang Ming, chairman of the gas separation equipment branch of China Communications Association and chairman of Hangzhou hang Yang Group, told that at present, the domestic industrial gas industry is in a growth period, and the new capacity of downstream industries and the gradual marketization of existing capacity will increase the market capacity of the industrial gas industry. It is expected that this wave of demand will continue for years, especially the long construction cycle of coal chemical projects, the large demand for air separation equipment (scale and quantity of oxygen production) in a single project, and the demand for energy conservation and consumption reduction in the metallurgical industry will continue for a long time

the development and market share of gas separation equipment and liquefaction equipment industry are extremely unbalanced. At present, the competition between domestic industrial gas market and separation equipment industry has shown a pattern of "four beams and eight pillars". Air France, air products of the United States, Linde, hang Yang, Yingde and Baosteel gas occupy major market shares

Jiang Ming said that at present, China's industrial gas industry has formed an obvious echelon. The first tier is mainly composed of four international gas giants: Linde Group of Germany, Air Liquide of France, air chemical of the United States and Praxair of the United States. These four companies have accounted for nearly half of the outsourcing gas market share, each with sales of more than 6billion yuan in China and more than 50 factories

according to incomplete statistics, in 2017, the order amount of new air separation equipment in the whole industry of gas separation equipment increased significantly year-on-year. Hangzhou Hangyang, Kaifeng Yellow River air separation, Henan China as an important supplier of biodegradable plastics in the world, Kaiyuan air separation, Hangzhou foster, Kaifeng Tokyo air separation, Linde Engineering (Hangzhou) More than 40% of enterprises such as Air Liquide (Hangzhou) have ordered more than 15 sets of large and medium-sized (more than 1000m3/h) air separation equipment, and the order amount has more than doubled year-on-year. New orders for natural gas liquefaction units increased by about 50% year-on-year

since the beginning of this year, Shenggu group has achieved breakthroughs in many key markets. It has successively won the bid and signed contracts for Ningxia Baofeng 100000 air separation compressor, PetroChina long-distance pipeline compressor, Shandong United Petrochemical 2million ton/year hydrocracking 4m125 compressor, Zhejiang Tiansheng chemical fiber two (sets) air compressor units, Qinhuangdao Shenyang Panjin branch line, Da Shen line, Shaanxi Beijing Fourth natural gas pipeline project compressor stations Panjin station, Gaizhou station Hongdunjie station and Tuoketuo station have a total of 9 pipeline compressor units, as well as a number of key projects, such as the 700000 ton/young hydrocarbon utilization project of Ningbo Huatai Shengfu polymer materials Co., Ltd. and the order of 3 compressor units of 600000 ton/year ethylene propane mixed dehydrogenation unit

at the same time, on February 7 this year, Air Liquide Group put into operation a world's largest oxygen production unit in South Africa, with a daily oxygen output of 5000 tons (about 150000nm3/h air separation unit). On March 30, the world-class industrial gas integrated plant project developed by air products company and Saudi ACWA holding company in Saudi Arabia has been implemented

lng cryogenic equipment market has great potential

energy conservation and environmental protection are still the main battlefield of gas separation equipment

Yuan Li, deputy general manager of Sichuan Air Separation Group, told that China's energy structure of more coal and less oil and less gas makes the development of modern coal chemical industry an inevitable choice

in recent years, China's coal to olefin, coal to oil, coal to ethylene glycol and other emerging coal chemical technologies and processes continue to mature. Various coal chemical demonstration projects have been completed and put into commercial operation, resulting in good economic benefits, pointing out the direction for the development of China's coal chemical industry. While promoting the integrated development of coal chemical industry and related industries, the state has made great efforts to build a modern coal chemical industry demonstration zone in areas where conditions permit. At present, four coal chemical industry demonstration zones have been formed in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, Yulin, Shaanxi, Ningdong, Ningxia and Zhundong, Xinjiang. The rise and development of modern coal chemical industry not only increases the market demand for air separation equipment, but also promotes the development of air separation equipment in the direction of large-scale. At present, the single unit capacity of air separation units supporting the coal chemical industry is generally 70000-100000 Nm3/h

with the sustained and rapid development of China's economy, China's demand for LNG also continues to increase. Due to China's basic national conditions of lack of oil, gas and coal, most LNG depends on imports. In 2012, China imported 14.68 million tons of LNG. It is estimated that after 2020, China's annual import of LNG will reach 60 million to 100 million tons. This is bound to promote the market demand for LNG cryogenic equipment has great potential to increase

Jiang Rong, President of Sichuan Air Separation Group Design Institute, told that with the acceleration of the construction of China's LNG terminal, the efficient use of LNG cold energy is of great significance, and has also created a huge real and potential market for the separation equipment industry

in LNG terminal, in order to meet

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