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The high manganese steel material used for the hammer head and impact plate can prolong the service life. The mining crusher is mainly used to crush some hard materials, such as construction waste, coal gangue, granite, basalt and so on. In the process of crushing, these hard materials bear a huge force, and these hard materials will wear some parts inside the equipment. When they are worn to a certain extent, they are easy to scatter in nature, and their service life may be over. Therefore, how to prolong the service life of internal components of equipment has always been a common concern of mining machinery manufacturers

to prolong the service life of the equipment, it is fundamentally necessary to choose high-quality materials. It is understood that the application of high manganese steel has solved the serious wear of crusher parts to a certain extent. High manganese steel refers to alloy steel with manganese content of more than 10%. Si0.30 ~ 1.0 s 0.05 P 0.10 is the most widely used high manganese steel, which is often used to make the rolling wall and crushing wall of cone crusher, hammer head of jaw crusher, impact plate of impact crusher, liner plate of ball mill, etc

When high manganese steel with austenite structure is subjected to impact load, plastic deformation occurs on the metal surface, obvious work hardening occurs in the deformed layer, and the hardness of the surface layer increases significantly. With different impact loads, the depth of the case hardening layer can reach mm. High strength hardening, good anti disturbance function, the layer can resist the wear of impact abrasive. Because high manganese steel has excellent wear resistance under the condition of strong impact abrasive wear strips, which can not be the real needs of users, it is often used in mining, thermal power, building materials and other mechanical equipment for the production of wear-resistant parts

mining machinery uses high manganese steel as wear-resistant parts, which can greatly improve the performance of wear-resistant parts, and the wear of internal components is also within the range of bearing, extending the service life of the equipment

source: Shanghai Longjing Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd

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