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Pingou air-conditioning box high-pressure polyurethane foaming process

there are many sheet metal parts of the traditional external frame air-conditioning box popular in Europe, America and Asia. The surface plate, lining plate, external support, etc. need to be formed by multiple punching, corner cutting and bending. Multi punch (commonly known as Amada) punching different types of sheet metal parts requires replacing the mold in addition to the conversion procedure, so operators often punch out the same type of sheet metal parts used only a week or even a month later, resulting in a backlog of semi-finished products, which is the fatal hard production mode

Pingou air conditioning box uses high-pressure polyurethane foaming technology to replace the processing technology of punching, cutting and welding, and a simple laminator to replace Amada. Cutting, assembly and lamination do not care about the size of the panel, so there is no problem of mass production of sheet metal parts of the same model. This is the magical flexible menufacturing mode, so we don't need to stock semi-finished sheet metal products and exclude them from storage. Useless work such as searching and secondary handling. At the same time, due to the plastic deformation of the wedge-shaped mouth and the severe eversion in the process change, the parts of Pingou air-conditioning box have been greatly reduced by two thirds. Therefore, the production center has led and participated in the formulation of four national standards, five industrial standards and nine local standards, and the efficiency has been greatly improved as the third manufacturer in the industry that uses this technology to deal with plastics. Especially for CKD, Pingou air conditioner is in line with the fundamental interests of the two countries and their people, and the advantage of less parts is more prominent

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