There are several lighting control methods in Wuha

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There are several lighting control methods in Wuhan

there are several lighting control methods in Wuhan

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there are several lighting control methods in Wuhan

intelligent monitoring system. Seeing this name, can the owner think of the camera first? Then, is the intelligent monitoring system really just as simple as the camera? Now let's invite Seven Star comfortable home designers to give us a detailed introduction. Smart home monitoring system - what is the principle of smart home monitoring system? The country has high requirements for security. When designing the smart home monitoring system, we should first consider that the scheme design and drawings meet the relevant security technical prevention requirements of the country, industry and public security departments. Skillfully and completely control all video and audio equipment in the home. The audio-visual equipment at home can share the audio-visual library, saving money for repeated purchase of equipment and wiring. In recent years, with the development of mobile Internet and IOT, smart home has once again entered people's vision. However, smart home also encountered many bottlenecks in the development process, such as the poor stability of smart home system, incompatibility between different brand products, and the failure of smart node devices to form one or more scenarios of interconnection and interaction, which are the difficulties

defects of smart home system in big house environment nowadays, the construction and development of cities are extremely rapid, and buildings such as duplex, large flat and villa are constantly emerging. The application of smart home system in big house environment also exposes its defects: Based on the shadow effect of wireless transmission, the signal transmission distance is relatively short, behind large residential buildings, multi-storey buildings or the middle floor The signal blind area of communication will be formed in the basement and other areas, which will directly lead to poor user experience due to unstable system signals and even signal loss when users use the smart home system. Therefore, the stability of the application of smart home system in the mansion environment is extremely important. There is no need to worry about smart switch in smart home system. Dual control is not enough. Don't worry about forgetting to turn off the light when you go out. You can turn it off remotely and turn it on and off regularly. Intelligent control system includes intelligent socket, voice converter, infrared converter, etc. The alarm of the smart home system sounds and sends an alarm prompt at the same time. At the same time, the system also includes a smart cat's eye, which automatically captures, videos, and remote video views when someone approaches the door of the home; Smart door locks, etc. the video and audio systems of smart home systems are divided according to the family area and economic level. Generally, ordinary families choose background music systems, Bluetooth speakers, small projectors, etc., and large houses and villas choose independent video and audio rooms for high demand. The specific products and functions found in the survey last month will be introduced in detail in a later article

the weakness of smart home system in the use process at present, China's smart home market has developed for a short time. As an emerging industry, it not only brings more prospects and opportunities to enterprises and manufacturers, but also brings many difficulties and challenges. At present, due to the imperfect infrastructure and immature technology of the smart home industry, it has gradually exposed its own shortcomings. In contrast, many foreign intelligent manufacturers routinely adopt common open protocols, even though the products of different manufacturers can be compatible

first, the technical standards of IOT are not unified. At present, there are many entrants to the smart home market. The standards for interfaces, communications, etc. set for self-developed products are different, and it is often difficult to connect smoothly between different brands*** The overall heavyweight team: for example, graffiti intelligence, which has just completed a round C financing of $200million, tries to control all smart home products through an app, solve the problem of interconnection between various home appliances and home products, create a customized scene experience, and achieve the purpose of "decentralization". "Smart single product +" team: just as yiou home previously said in "Why are so many startups doing" whole house smart solutions " As analyzed in the article, many companies that do whole house intelligence just want to catch up with the outlet of smart home. When they are forced to get on the bus, they get on the banner of whole house intelligence, but their core is still on intelligent products, which is not a real whole house intelligent team. The monitoring function of smart home is very good, for example, if you go to work or (12) military functional material technology and preparation technology; If someone goes out and is not at home, it will give you a prompt

second: there is no interconnection and interaction between products. The current situation is that many smart home products in the market are in different schools. Even if a series of smart homes have good functions, they will not be able to achieve cooperation because of the inconsistency of communication standards and content service systems, and the incompatibility of interconnected terminal devices between different brands. For smart home dealers, it is definitely impossible to fight alone in order to obtain accurate * * * and fast transactions, so we have to strengthen channel construction. Moreover, from those successful cases of signing orders, we can also draw a conclusion: almost all accurate customers are pushed by decoration companies, so it is necessary to cooperate with high-end decoration companies and designers, Let these groups who can directly contact potential customers become their most effective salesmen, which is the second step to help you successfully sign the bill

third: smart home is not in the overall situation. Smart home should not be used in a certain range, and some smart home systems do not control the overall situation well. The ideal smart home system should be that users can communicate with any home appliances in the system. These appliances are connected to each other. No matter where the user is at home, he can control the required devices anytime and anywhere. In daily life, in order to ensure their home safety, many people will choose to install smart home monitoring system

therefore, people may not accept smart home system so quickly for these reasons. However, with the passage of time and the progress of technology, smart home will eventually usher in a day of popularization, and oomi smart is our way of cooperation and forward-looking solution combination, which can help them develop breakthrough new products to adapt to the future development. The reason why they are firmly optimistic about the new energy industry chain is that the energy home 3.0 mansion system is ready! Smart living room smart living room can realize a variety of scene modes, such as home mode, reception mode, entertainment mode, leaving home mode, etc. users can DIY according to their personal habits or hobbies. For example, after entering the door, the smart door lock triggers the home mode, the voice robot welcomes the owner home, beautiful and soothing music rings around your ears, warm lights open for you, curtains open slowly, and after leaving home mode is turned on, All indoor lights were turned off, and the sweeping robot began to clean the house. The function of intelligent clothes dryer is not only automatic lifting, but also sterilization and air drying of clothes

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