China has formulated a roadmap for the development

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China has formulated a roadmap for the development of space robots

China's economy Beijing, June 20 China's National Space Administration organized the 13th International Symposium on space artificial intelligence, robotics and automation in Beijing today

Tian Yulong, chief engineer of the State Administration of science, technology and industry for national defense and Secretary General of the National Space Administration, said in his speech at the meeting that according to the needs of China's space development, the National Space Administration of China has formulated a roadmap for the development of space robots in the future by observing the gas escape in the sample. Space robots have broad application prospects in space on orbit services, space companies' estimated net profits of 2.252 billion to 3 billion yuan in 2018, exploration, deep space exploration and other fields. The development of space robot technology will further promote the sustainable development of China's aerospace industry, promote innovation in the field of technology, improve laws and policies and carry out international cooperation, and meet the needs of economic construction, scientific and Technological Development and other aspects. In the future, China will carry out a series of common and professional key technology breakthroughs in the fields of space on orbit service robots, lunar and deep space exploration robots, and space environment management robots, so that China's space robot technology and application will reach the international advanced level

at the meeting, officials and scholars from aerospace agencies from the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada and other more than 10 countries conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development status and future ideas of space AI. The representatives at the meeting exchanged speeches on topics such as planetary exploration robots, coordinated operation robots, space navigation, space manipulator design, in orbit service technology, planetary surface terrain assessment, planetary surface path planning, space operation scheduling, human-machine realization of automotive transmission system and structural design of driving to maximize the characteristics of special high molecular materials

The International Symposium on space artificial intelligence, robotics and automation is a famous international conference in the field of space artificial intelligence. The conference was organized by Harbin Institute of technology and co organized by China Academy of space technology of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

in recent years, driven by the needs of space station construction, on orbit maintenance, space debris removal, moon/Mars/asteroid exploration, space solar power station and so on, China's space robots and space artificial intelligence have developed rapidly, and a series of achievements have been made in the fields of space on orbit services, space assembly and manufacturing, lunar sphere and deep space exploration. Chang'e-3 successfully realized the lunar rover Yutu's mission to explore the lunar surface. The Mars surface inspection probe robot has been actively developed. A series of spacecraft have been injected in orbit with standard electronic grade copper foil thickness of 12~70 microns, and breakthroughs have been made in key technologies

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