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As of 10 a.m. on September 17, 2009, China plastic price index fell 0.29 points to 955.35 points, and China plastic spot index fell 1.53 points to 1013.99 points

first, the upstream dynamics showed obvious deformation and then burst before reaching the maximum load Pb:

the settlement price of light and low sulfur crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in October rose $1.58 to $72.51 a barrel, or 2.2%, the highest settlement price since August 28. The settlement price of November Brent crude oil futures contract on the London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) rose $1.81, or 2.6%, to $71.67 a barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the overall inventory of HDPE in PetroChina East China is general, and it is now listed for sale. Dushanzi 6070 reported 10300 yuan/ton, Daqing Petrochemical 2200j reported 10300 yuan/ton

the overall inventory of HDPE in Sinopec central China branch is general, and it continues to be listed for sale. 5000S is 10300 yuan/ton, 550 he added that 2 is 10050 yuan/ton

Sinopec Sales North China branch has general HDPE inventory, and now some are sold at fixed prices. Yanshan Petrochemical reported 10200 yuan/ton for 5000S and 10100 yuan/ton for 6100m

Shanghai Petrochemical's HDPE inventory is general, and some are listed for sale. The low-voltage device is planned to switch to mh602 today. Mh602 reported 10100 yuan/ton, ygho41 reported 10200 yuan/ton

the inventory in Yanshan Petrochemical HDPE Plant is normal, and it is listed for sale today. Low voltage line 1 produces 7600m, and line 2 is converted to 5000S. RMB 10200/ton for 5000S and RMB 10200/ton for 5200b

Shanghai Jinfei HDPE has general inventory and is now sold at a fixed price. Shanghai Jinfei HDPE Plant is scheduled to be overhauled for two weeks at the end of October, with a capacity of 140000 tons/year

III. inventory dynamics:

in the first half of September 2009, the total inventory in the main domestic PP and PE markets increased slightly, an increase of 1.05% over August 31, 2009. Among them, PP inventory increased moderately, with an increase of 2.18% compared with the end of last month, and PE inventory increased slightly, with an increase of 0.76% compared with the end of last month. Regionally, the inventory in the South increased slightly, with an increase of 0.94% compared with the end of last month, and the inventory in the north also increased slightly, with an increase of 1.32% compared with the end of last month

IV. local market conditions:

the listing of China Plastics spot mall this morning, the quotation of HDPE category was basically stable, and a few brands were adjusted, ranging from yuan/ton. There are two brands with relatively large adjustment ranges, rising by 400 yuan/ton and 700 yuan/ton respectively. Hdpe/5000s/cannon has developed a special solution - jetpreg, which is priced at 10300 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton. Hdpe/5000s/Lanhua Petrochemical reported 10100 yuan/ton, down 80 yuan/ton. Hdpe/9001/Taiwan Plastic reported 10500 yuan/ton, up 250 yuan/ton. Hdpe/hd5502fa/Shanghai Secco reported 10400 yuan/ton, up 400 yuan/ton. Hdpe/5502/Total (US) reported 10200 yuan/ton, up 700 yuan/ton

the PE market demand in Yuyao is weak. Today's demand is even lower than yesterday's, and the price has declined to a certain extent. Traders are pessimistic, still bearish on the future market, with high shipping intention, and the market supply is still normal. Maoming Petrochemical 5502 reported 9900 yuan/ton

the PE market quotation in Beijing was basically stable, and the downstream inquiry atmosphere was more positive than yesterday. Business mentality has improved. Yanshan Petrochemical 5000S is 10200 yuan/ton, Jilin Petrochemical 9455f is 9600 yuan/ton

the transaction in Nanjing PE market is weak, the price is significantly lower than yesterday, the traders' mentality is poor, and the supply of goods is normal. 10000 yuan/ton for 5000S, 9600 yuan/ton for 5301b, and injection molding is out of stock

the transaction in Hangzhou PE market is weak, the price is slightly lower than yesterday, the traders' mentality is poor, they are more bearish, and the market supply is stable. Yangzi Petrochemical reported 10000 yuan/ton for 5000S, and Yangzi Petrochemical 5306j was out of stock

the demand for low-pressure hollow in Shantou PE market is weak, and the price of 5502 continues to decline. Daqing 5000S excludes 9700 yuan/ton of tax declaration, and Maoming Petrochemical 5502 excludes 9450 yuan/ton of tax declaration

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