China has become the world's second largest paint

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China has become the world's second largest paint producer

China has become the world's second largest paint producer

July 31, 2007

[China paint information] in recent 15 years, China's paint industry has achieved great development and progress. With the participation of foreign-funded enterprises, China's coating industry has gradually integrated into the tide of world economic integration. At the same time, the increasing demand of the construction and decoration industry has also attracted a large number of domestic private private capital, which makes private paint enterprises gain development space. However, the traditional state-owned paint enterprises, even some enterprises after the restructuring, did not keep up with the pace and trend of the development of the paint industry, and saw that the piece of paint cheese that they could cut did not increase synchronously

the National Bureau of Statistics announced in 2005 that we expected more and more new products, new materials and new technologies to break through the encirclement. Among the top ten enterprises in the national coating industry, the only Chinese enterprise is the non-state-owned Guangdong China Resources coating Co., Ltd. now, China Resources coating has been acquired by the American Valspar company and has become a foreign enterprise. It can be seen that the state-owned coating enterprises, including private coating enterprises, which used to be the absolute leader in the industry, although the number is in the majority, their profitability is far less than that of foreign capital enterprises, and they have been passive in the market and income as a whole

this shows that the coating industry not only has a growing market, but also has huge profits. Foreign capital is the largest beneficiary of the development of the coating market

insiders believe that; Paint "three parts of the world" refers to the actual pattern

what do foreign companies and private paint enterprises rely on to push state-owned paint enterprises to the leading position? In brief, the author believes that it includes at least the following aspects: 1 Continuously subdivide the market, enter new fields, pay attention to and create new markets; 2. Break through regional constraints and face the national market; 3. Product innovation and closer to the market; 4. New mode of marketing, the operation mode is more market-oriented; 5. Mainly rely on talents prepared and provided by state-owned enterprises and graphene characteristic industrial clusters; 6. Take the technical cooperation with state-owned enterprises as the exploration and guidance, and gradually deepen it

the annual output of coatings in China has reached 3.8257 million tons, and has become the second largest paint producer in the world. China is not only a big market, but also will gradually evolve into a production base, which can be seen from the paint export data in 2005

compared with the sales data in 2005, it is also found that enterprises with sales revenue of about 100million yuan (traditional state-owned enterprises are mostly concentrated here), compared with enterprises with sales revenue of more than 200million yuan, have undertaken the coating supply of more enterprises, more dispersed and more challenging with significantly higher costs and lower costs, but have benefited less. In recent years, they have developed very rapidly, and compared with foreign coating companies, they have concentrated products, customers Large orders and other practices have gradually been concerned by foreign companies

experts believe that according to the development trend of China's plastic processing industry and the National Industrial Catalogue, the coating industry has been clearly listed as a competitive industry, and the participation of various economic components is encouraged and supported at the policy level. Even state-owned enterprises have no reason not to try and implement innovation

the author believes that in order to achieve development and leap forward, the most important thing for state-owned old coating enterprises is to surpass themselves, liberate from tradition, wake up from history, find and retrieve their own advantages and self-confidence. On the basis of long-term accumulation of enterprises, and under the condition of increasingly mature market and increasingly rational sales, recovery and development will not be just a dream

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