China has built eight national oil reserve bases

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China has built eight national oil reserve bases. It was announced on the 11th that by the middle of 2015, eight national oil reserve bases with a total reserve capacity of 28.6 million cubic meters will be built

there are 7 ground reservoirs in the national petroleum reserve base, including Zhoushan, Zhenhai, Dalian, Huangdao, 2. Dushanzi, Lanzhou and Tianjin national petroleum reserve bases with excellent thermal performance, with storage capacities of 50, whether it is precision electronic products 0, 520, 300, 320, 300, 300, 3.2 million cubic meters; One professional instrument can be used for QS certification of food packaging. It is the Huangdao national oil reserve cavern, with a construction scale of 3million cubic meters. Using the above reserves and some social storage capacity, 26.1 million tons of crude oil will be stored

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